Due to schools events the track is sometimes closed. If so, there will still be a session, venue TBA. Have included dates of some open meetings with useful links.

The changing rooms and showers are still unavailable. Completion has been imminent for some time now.

Day Date Session Detail
Thur 21-Mar-24 another 100 8×400 plus 4×500 (all 100 walk)
Thur 28-Mar-24 600’s 8x600m (200m)
Tue 02-Apr-24 Derby ADA http://runjumpthrowathletics.co.uk/fixtures
Thur 04-Apr-24 400’s 12x400m (100m walk)
Thur 11-Apr-24 Accelerator 2×800, 3×600, 4×400 (200)
Thur 18-Apr-24 500’s 3x3x500m (200m/400m)
Sat 20-Apr-24 Event, track closed
Thur 25-Apr-24 800’s 5x800m (400m)
Sat 27-Apr-24 Doncaster Spring Open https://www.race-results.co.uk/onlineentries/uploads/info4927.pdf
Wed 01-May-24 Run Jump Throw https://www.facebook.com/groups/690507418202593
Thur 02-May-24 600’s 2x3x600m (200m/400m)
Tue 07-May-24 Derby ADA http://runjumpthrowathletics.co.uk/fixtures
Thur 09-May-24 TBA Track closed, meet at the OLP at 18:10
Tue 14-May-24 Rother Valley Relays
Thur 16-May-24 400’s 2x5x400m (200m/400m)
Thur 23-May-24 The Long Run For Home 4×400 (200) 800 (400) x 2
Thur 30-May-24 500’s 3x3x500m (200m/400m)
Thur 06-Jun-24 800’s 5x800m (400m)
Wed 12-Jun-24 Run Jump Throw http://runjumpthrowathletics.co.uk/fixtures
Thur 13-Jun-24 600 differentials 6×600 NB 400@5k pace then 200 flat out
Fri 14-Jun-24 Mile Steel City Mile, Woodbourn Road, 18:00 Note: Steel City First Claim only
Tue 18-Jun-24 Derby ADA http://runjumpthrowathletics.co.uk/fixtures
Tue 18-Jun-24 Dam Flask Relay
Thur 20-Jun-24 600’s 2x3x600m (200m/400m)
Thur 27-Jun-24 400’s Track closed, venue TBA
Sat 29-Jun-24 NMAC Open/Champs https://www.race-results.co.uk/results/2024/#2
Tue 03-Jul-24 Run Jump Throw https://www.facebook.com/groups/690507418202593
Thur 04-Jul-24 300’s 3x3x300m (100m/500m)
Thur 11-Jul-24 500’s 3x3x500m (200m/400m)
Tue 16-Jul-24 Derby ADA http://runjumpthrowathletics.co.uk/fixtures
Thur 18-Jul-24 800’s 5x800m (400m)
Thur 25-Jul-24 Pyramid 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m (200m/400m)
Thur 01-Aug-24 600’s 2x3x600m (200m/400m)
Thur 08-Aug-24 400’s 2x5x400m (200m/400m)
Tue 13-Aug-24 Derby ADA 1500m, 3000m
Thur 15-Aug-24 Sammy’s Magic Pyramid 3x400m, 2x500m, 600m, 2x500m, 3x400m  (200m/300m/400m)
Thur 22-Aug-24 500’s 3x3x500m (200m/400m)
Thur 29-Aug-24 800’s 5x800m (400m)
Tue 02-Sep-24 Derby ADA http://runjumpthrowathletics.co.uk/fixtures
Thur 05-Sep-24 Track Poker Will you fold?
Wed 11-Sep-24 Doncaster Open Meeting SportSoft Entries & Results (race-results.co.uk)
Thur 12-Sep-24 600’s 2x3x600m (200m/400m)
Thur 19-Sep-24 400’s 2x5x400m (200m/400m)
Thur 26-Sep-24 Just a minute  600/400×5 (1 min/200m)
Thur 01-Oct-24 Winter Sessions Begin