Thursday Evening Track Schedule

The stand, changing rooms and showers are still out of action although completion is promised for November. Please come prepared for all weathers.

Date Session Desctriprtion
21-Sep-23 800’s 5×800 (400)
28-Sep-23 Just a Minute  600/400×5 (60secs/200m)
05-Oct-23 400’s 12×400 (100 walk)
12-Oct-23 600’s 8x600m (200m)
19-Oct-23 Down the clock 1000, 900, 800, 700, 600, 500, 400 (200)
26-Oct-23 1000’s 5×1000 (200)
02-Nov-23 800’s 6x800m (200m)
09-Nov-23 Life of Pi 3x3x500m (100m/300m)
16-Nov-23 400’s 12×400 (100 walk)
23-Nov-23 600’s 8x600m (200m)
30-Nov-23 Stepper 400/800/600/1000/600/800/400 (200)
07-Dec-23 1000’s 5×1000 (200)
14-Dec-23 800’s 6x800m (200m)
21-Dec-23 Winter Solstice Parlauf followed by mile handicap. Prizes so be careful.
26-Dec-23 Christmas Present Bonus session 5xmile (400m jog) on the Secret Railway. Depart from Meadowhall Park and Ride at 10:00am
28-Dec-23 The Hills of Norfolk Park Meet at Granville Road entrance at 10:00
04-Jan-24 400’s 12×400 (100 walk)
11-Jan-24 600’s 8x600m (200m)
18-Jan-24 The long run for home 4×1000, 2×400 (200)
25-Jan-24 1000’s 5×1000 (200)
01-Feb-24 800’s 6x800m (200m)
08-Feb-24 Accelerator 2×800 (200), 3×600 (200), 4×400 (200)
15-Feb-24 400’s 12×400 (100 walk)
22-Feb-24 600’s 8x600m (200m)
29-Feb-24 Euclid 3x3x500m (100m/300m)
07-Mar-24 1000’s 5×1000 (200)
14-Mar-24 800’s 6x800m (200m)
21-Mar-24 Another hundred 8×400 with a random 4×500 thrown in (all 100 walk)
28-Mar-24 400’s 12×400 (100 walk)
04-Apr-24 600’s 8x600m (200m)
11-Apr-24 Summer Sessions Begin