Parkrun Knockout 1st Round Results

The Striders Knockout Parkrun competition started in earnest at Castle Parkrun with ties from the first round draw taking place over Saturday 3rd, 10th and 17th of January.

Saturday 3rd January

Results from Castle Parkrun #74

3. Mick Wall (PB 19:40, ran 19:57) beat David Whittaker (PB 19:02, ran 19:28) and Stephen Carford (did not run)

18. Richard Pegg (PB 21:22, ran 22:12) beat Steve Clarke (PB 20:55, ran 22:04).

28. James Norton (PB 21:47, ran 21:57) beat Kevin Sibley (PB 19:18, ran 20:26) and David Beech (PB 20:33, ran 24:50)

Saturday 10th January

Results from Castle Parkrun #75

Due to a bit of a calamity with the official timings no times will be listed in the results for today’s ties.  Luckily with the use of people’s Garmin watches, a bit of deduction and that most results were pretty clear cut we are able to post the results.  There was only one tie that couldn’t be separated, so both Colin Hardy and Tim Ryan will progress to round 2.

1. Kathryn Epworth beat and Adam Whitworth and Stuart Jones

4. Ed Startup beat Louis Wood and Paul Stuart (did not run)

8. Laura Fletcher beat Simon Bennett and Tom Nuttgens

11. Ashleigh Barron beat Matt Livesey

13. Sian Evans beat Simon Wiles

14. Helen Davis beat Dan Murphy

15. Tim Ryan and Colin Hardy (tied, both progress)

17. Sam Needham beat Kevin Dale

19. Nicola Ross beat Craig Shaw and Nancy Stuart

21. Emma Portus beat Ross Drayton

23. Jeni Pitkin beat John Rawlinson

24. Michael Greer beat Andy Davies

30. Richard Hayes beat Andy Green

Saturday 17th January

Results from Castle Parkrun #76

2. Steve Helmore (19:02) beat Alex de Salis (26:25) and Phillipa Penmann (did not run)

5. Richard Sayers (20:15) beat Roger Watson (25:15) and Jennifer Rich (did not run)

6. Helen Cain (27:23) beat Richard Garton (23:55) and Mick Timm (did not run)

7. Hannah Milton (24:58) beat Tony Rooms (26:30), Hannah Helmore (did not run)

9. Kevin Rains (26:58) beat Richard Clamp (26:20) and Ben Jones (17:44)

10. Jon Street, Michael Richardson (tie not complete)

12.Martin Billington (20:13) beat Alastair Lawson (19:12)

16. Mark Gray (18:48) beat John Maples (24:45)

20. Matt Gibson (25:23) beat Michael Slater (24:37)

22. Phil Howson (21:08) beat Matt Surgeon (26:46)

25. Jon Taylor (19:36) beat Jack Nuttgens (did not run)

26. Gareth Hague (20:02) beat Stephen Atkinson (22:59)

27. Suzie Bridges (22:29) beat Nick Portus (21:17)

29. Emily Hunt (20:59) beat Mike O’Grady (23:44)

31. Jessica Brown (28:40) beat Elaine Watson (29:30)

32. Graham Hague (23:25) beat Dave Palmer (17:51)

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