Road Championship 2023

Our 2023 Road Championship is open to all 1st-claim members of Steel City Striders.

The race calendar includes 12 open races, of which you need to run 5. For each race, you’ll score points based on how your time compares to the first-placed runner of the same sex: 100 points x (winning time / your time). So for example, if the winner takes 60 minutes and you take 75, you’ll score 100 x (60 / 75) = 80 points. A slower runner who took 80 minutes would score 100 x (60 / 80) = 75 points. At the end of the season, your total score will be your best five race scores added together.

This is considered a whole-club event, so all members who run a listed race are automatically included: to take part, just enter the races of your choice in the normal way, there’s no separate registration process. When you enter races, please remember to give your club as “Steel City Striders" if given the option, as that makes our admin much easier. If you join the club part-way through the year, you can score points from the day you join onwards.

Prizes will be awarded to the male and female winners and runners-up in senior, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+ age categories. Your age category is determined by your age on January 1st, 2022. So if, for example, you were 49 on January 1st and turned 50 on January 2nd, you’ll compete in the 40-49 age category until next year. You must complete at least 5 races to be eligible for a prize.

We will also award a prize to the runner with the best age-graded score from any five championship races, using WMA age-grading standards. This compares runners’ times to the world record for their age and sex, allowing all runners, younger and older, male and female, to compete with each other on a fair basis.

Our Championship calendar includes our most popular local events, some scenic challenges for hill-lovers, and a couple of flat courses where PBs and club records will hopefully fall. See below for a full list of fixtures and when we expect the races to take place.

  1. Dewsbury 10k (5/2)
  2. Wombwell 5 (19/2)
  3. Dronfield 10k (12/3)
  4. Sheffield Half Marathon (26/3)
  5. Eyam Half Marathon (14/5)
  6. Doncaster HM Lindley 10k (25/6)
  7. Loxley Lash (just 5/7, not the whole series)
  8. Askern 10 Newark HM (13/8)
  9. Big Dipper Half Marathon (10/9)
  10. Sheffield 10k (24/9)
  11. Holmfirth 10k (15/10 TBC)
  12. Bolsover 10k (10/12 TBC)

Remember that this is a menu, not a schedule: there’s no expectation that anyone will do all of the races! The idea of having 12 races spread throughout the year, of which your best 5 count, is that you can skip the races that don’t suit you.

That could be because they clash with other races you’re doing, or holidays, or because you’re ill or injured. Or it could be because they’re further away than you’re willing to travel or cost more than you’re willing to pay. Or that they’re shorter or longer or flatter or hillier than you like.

Or that last time you went to Askern your car broke down and your child was sick and now just the thought of going back there makes you break out in a cold sweat.

But the aim is to offer enough options that anyone who wants to take part can find five that work for them, even though we all look for different things when choosing races.

So if you like local races, you should be able to do Dronfield 10k, Sheffield Half, Loxley Lash, Big Dipper Half, and Sheffield 10k with only about 40-odd miles travel in total. Chapeau to anyone who manages to get to all of these by bike.

If you like hills and scenery, Sheffield Half, Eyam Half, Lindley 10k, Big Dipper Half, and Holmfirth 10k would be a pretty good selection.

If you’re in the form of your life and want to go after your PBs, Dewsbury 10k, Wombwell 5, Newark Half, Loxley Lash, and Bolsover 10k should all give you a chance.

Or, if you’re up to it, go ahead and do them all.

Throughout the year, the latest championship standings will be available here.