Striders’ New Road Race Championship 2019

As many of you will have already heard, in 2019 Steel City Striders are trying a new system for the road races championship.

There will now be a series of divisions based on ability.

If you wish to be included, you will be placed in a division appropriate to your 2018 running performances. The division should include runners with similar ability to you.

How are points allocated?
– In a division of 20 runners, whoever is quickest in a particular race will score 20 points, 2nd place 19, etc.

How many races can I enter?
– You can enter all 12 club nominated races, but only your highest 6 placings will be used. Therefore, the maximum number of points is 120 for the year.

What happens at the end of the year?
– Each divisional winner will win a trophy.
– The top 4 in each division get promoted and the bottom 4 get relegated.

How are the runners in each division allocated?
– Purely on ability, using statistics from each runner’s 2018 performances. Gender and age are NOT relevant.

Why the change?
– To try and be as inclusive as possible and to give runners the incentive of prevailing against others of similar ability.

Does this mean that there will won’t be male, female and age range prizes?
– We will still be awarding all the same age range and gender prizes, MV40, FV50 etc, as in previous years. The gender and age category results will still be scored separately alongside the new system and we will continue to use the percentage system as in recent years.

What happens if 2 runners have the same number of points?
– Head to head will then come into play.

How do I register?
– Just reply to the post on Facebook saying you want to be included or send an email to Andy Davies –

Is there a deadline?
– Yes, 21st December 2018. After this point runners will be allocated to a suitable division.

Which races are to be included?
The two criteria we use for choosing the races are to: include popular local races and to try not to clash with Striders’ team events, such as cross country races. The following have been chosen this year:

  1. Leicestershire Half – 17th February
    2. Norton 9 mile- 3rd March
    3. Dronfield 10k – 7th April
    4. Sheffield Half – 14th April
    5. Dronfield Town 10k – 6th May
    6. Holymoorside 10k – 12th May
    7. Striders 10k – 19th July
    8. Askern 10 mile – 13th August
    9. Bassingham Bash 5 mile– 31 August
    10. Cusworth 10k – 29th September
    11. Isle of Axholme Half – 20th October
    12. Doncaster 10K – 24th November