Below are photo’s of all Striders who have been on the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course.

The second column shows their name and at which Striders training session you can normally find these leaders.


Leader’s Photo Who they are and at which venues they normally can be found
John Ashforth (Heeley)
Kim Bateman (Heeley, Graves)
16068331768_5fb986ea06_z Simon Bayliss (Graves, on the Fells)
Mag Magdalena Boo (Heeley).

Magda is also a registered Guide Runner for blind people.

You can find her listed on the UK Athletics Guide Runner database

Tom Brooks (Heeley)
Andrew Buckley (Hillsborough)
Joe Buckman (On the Fells)
Chapman Becky Chapman (Heeley, Millhouses Night)
 Clamp Richard Clamp (Graves)
Andy Davies Andy Davies (Heeley, Hillsborough)
SC2015-Jill Jill Davies (Heeley, Graves)
Zoe Dickinson (Heeley)
Amy Duck (On the Fells)
 Laura Laura Fletcher (Heeley, Hillsborough)
andy_kinder_2015 Andy Green (Heeley)
 colin Colin Hardy (Heeley, Millhouses Night)
  Vicki Hawkins (Heeley, Graves, on the Fells)
 phil Phil Howson (Heeley, Graves)
  Steve Irvine (Hillsborough)
 Mir Mir Jansen (Heeley, Hillsborough)
  Stuart Jones (Hillsborough)
  Hazel Kent (Heeley)
  Tony Ker (Hillsborough)
 alastair Alastair Lawson
Catherine McKeown (Heeley)
Adam McAuley (Hillsborough)
  Alastair Menmuir (On the Fells)
Adrian Adrian Moss (Graves)
Nicole Nield (Heeley)
Norton James Norton (Heeley)
 tom Tom Nuttgens (Heeley)
 kev-small Kevin Rains (Heeley, Hillsborough)
  John Rawlinson (Heeley)
  Michael Richardson (Graves)
 Matt -LIRF Matt Rimmer (Heeley)
  Liam Russell (Hillsborough)
  Simon Ross (Hillsborough)
  Rosie Smith (Hillsborough)
  Ed Startup (Hillsborough)
 Stinson-small Ian Stinson (Millhouses Night)
  Jude Stone (Hillsborough)
  Stephanie Street (Millhouses Daytime)
 Nancy Madrid 2015 Nancy Stuart (Heeley, Hillsborough)
 JT2 Jon Taylor (Millhouses Night)
  Clare Trevitt (On the Fells)
Trunce 1-2015 Mick Wall (Hillsborough)
RW Roger Watson (Heeley, Graves)
Sally Ann Winslow (Heeley)
Andrew Woffindin (Heeley, Hillsborough)
Comm-Louis Louis Wood (Heeley)