Below are photos of all Striders who have been on the England Athletics Leadership in Running Fitness course and qualified run leaders. The second column shows their name and at which Striders training session you can normally find these leaders.

Leader’s Photo Who they are and at which venues they normally can be found
Cara Hanson (Hillsborough)
Sarah Soden (Heeley)
Kim Bateman (Graves)
Mandy Delaney (Heeley)
Tessa Bainbridge (Graves)
Zoe Dickinson (Heeley)
Helen Smith (Heeley)
Lee Kenton (Heeley)
Stephanie Street (Millhouses Daytime)
Malcolm Baggaley (Hillsborough)
 colin Colin Hardy (Heeley, Millhouses Night)
  Vicki Hawkins (Millhouses Night)
Hannah Holliday (Millhouses)
Nick Burns (On the fells)
Seth Kirby (On the fells)
Catherine McKeown (Heeley)
Adam McAuley (Hillsborough)
Cath Ager (Heeley)
Nicole Nield (Heeley)
Tom Nuttgens (Heeley)
kev-small Kevin Rains (Heeley, Hillsborough)
Rosie Smith (Hillsborough)
Michael Richardson (Graves)
Vikki McAuley (Hillsborough)
  Liam Russell (Hillsborough)
Mark Norman (Graves)
Helen Royles-Jones (Hillsborough)
Chris Smith (Heeley, Hillsborough)

Chris is also a registered Guide Runner for blind people.

You can find him listed on the UK Athletics Guide Runner database

 Stinson-small Ian Stinson (Millhouses Night)
Steve Blake (Heeley, Hillsborough)
Ian Blackburn (Millhouses Daytime)
Pete McCoy (Hillsborough)
Katie Gill (Graves)
Peter Brash (Hillsborough)
Des Ryan (Graves)
Robert Hoffman (Hillsborough)
Corinne Howse (Heeley)
David Beech (Millhouses Daytime)
andy_kinder_2015 Andy Green (Heeley)
Clamp Richard Clamp (Graves)
RW Roger Watson (Heeley, Graves)