Steel City Striders have a long heritage of being a track and field club.

The club keeps up to date men’s records for the major track and field event in two age categories: senior men and vet men aged 40 plus.

We endeavour to make sure all records are recognised but with so many races and categories, sometimes performances do get missed. Similarly, records from the pre-internet days also occasionally come to light. If you know of any new records not listed or corrections please contact Louis Wood via the contact form.

We also have men’s road club records listed on a separate page.

Note: Gun times are used for club records, not chip times.

Track and Field

Current Records

Event Cat Name Time Year Location
60m Senior Liam Turner 8.12 2019 EIS, Sheffield
Vet Mick Wall 7.72 2019 EIS, Sheffield
100m Senior Paul Swinburn 11.6 1991 Grimsby
Vet Mick Wall 12.02 2018 Cleckheaton
200m Senior John Wilkinson 24.1 1991 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Mick Wall 24.8 2019 Sportcity, Manchester
400m Senior Rob Ashurst 54.8 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Rod Pritchard 56.5 1989 Woodbourn Rd
800m Senior Martin Evans / Philip Murray 02:03.5 1988 / 1989 Woodbourn Rd (both)
Vet Dave Campbell 02:02.12 1989 Glasgow
1500m Senior Philip Murray 04:11.0 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Pete Wakefield 04:12.7 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Mile Senior Philip Murray 04:34.6 1990 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Pete Wakefield 04:32.2 1989 Woodbourn Rd
3000m Senior Philip Murray 08:54.5 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Pete Wakefield 09:00.0 1990 Woodbourn Rd
5000m Senior John Tollerfield 15:01.9 1990 Rotherham
Vet Pete Wakefield 15:37.2 1990 Woodbourn Rd
10000m Senior Philip Murray 32:17.8 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Chris Stamp 35:51.4 1990 Woodbourn Rd
3000mSC Senior Philip Murray 09:55.0 1991 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Chris Stamp 11:47.5 1990 Woodbourn Rd
110mH Senior Mark Johnson 19.6 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Vet No record holder
400mH Senior John Wilkinson 01:02.8 1990 Woodbourn Rd
Vet No record holder
High Jump Senior Philip Murray 1.60m 1990 Rotherham
Vet Trevor Brown 1.31m 1991 Woodbourn Rd
Long Jump Senior Mark Johnson 5.57m 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Mick Wall 5.00 2017 Woodbourn Rd
Triple Jump Senior Julian Grant 11.57m 1991 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Trevor Brown 9.26m 1990 Woodbourn Rd
Pole Vault Senior Julian Grant 3.10m (twice) 1991 Grimsby & Woodbourn Rd
Vet No record holder
Discus Senior Julian Grant 30.32m 1991 Woodbourn Rd
Vet John Gregory 17.58m 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Javelin Senior Simon Woodhouse 43.04m 1991 Cudworth
Vet John Gregory 29.72m 1989 Woodbourn Rd
Hammer Senior Simon Woodhouse 20.62m 1991 Woodbourn Rd
Vet No record holder
Shotput Senior Julian Grant 8.80m 1991 Grimsby
Vet Steve Ludlow 8.86m 1989 Woodbourn Rd
4x100m Senior S. Wales/P. Plumtree/J. Wilkinson/ P. Swinburn 46.3 1990 Rotherham
Vet P Wakefield/A. Mitchell/M. Sunderland/B Keight 54.3 1992 Cudworth
4x400m Senior Rob Ashurst/Andy Oxley/Barry Keight/Dave Ashurst 03:53.0 1987 Woodbourn Rd
Vet Michael Greer/Matthew Burgon/Louis Wood/Doug Banks 04:13.56 2019 Woodbourn Rd