George Fisher’s Tea Round

In fellrunning circles, the Lakes may be best known for the classic Bob Graham Round, but there are plenty of other challenges available. Some longer and harder than a BGR, some a little more manageable. In the latter category fits the George Fisher’s Tea Round.

Who? What?

George Fisher opened a climbing shop in Keswick in 1957 and it is still recognised as one the top outdoor stores in the Lakes. The Tea Round is a little newer – launched in 2017 by former staff member Jacob Tonkin. The concept is simple – a circuit starting and finishing at the George Fisher’s shop door and taking in the fell summits that can be seen from the window of the cafe on the top floor. To find out more you can watch a short video describing the round and its genesis.

The route covers around 30 miles with 12,000ft of ascent and can be completed either clockwise or anticlockwise. You can see the details of the Tea Round route on Strava.

George Fisher Tea Round profile picture

There is also an ‘espresso round’ – (see Strava for the route) taking in just 4 of the summits in a 14 mile/2,000ft loop that is ideal for those short on time or not yet up for the full thing.

This page will keep a record of completions by Striders. Let’s just hope they don’t add an extra floor in the shop and add another dozen fells!


Name Date Time Direction
Amy Duck & Betty the Spaniel Saturday 8th August 2020 9.47.00 Clockwise
Amy Duck & Betty the Spaniel, Saturday 24th April 2021 8.57.00 Clockwise
Nick Burns & Simon Bayliss Sunday 10th April 2022 10.46.15 Anti Clockwise
Abbie Pearse Saturday 13th August 2022 9.59.12 Clockwise
Nick Burns & Simon Bayliss Sunday 4th September 2022 8.45.16 Clockwise
Nick Burns & Simon Bayliss Sunday 29th January 2023 9.37.35 Clockwise (winter round)
Sarah Thorne Saturday 8th June 2024 8.16.00 Clockwise