Road Championship 2022

Our 2022 Road Championship calendar included 12 races, with participants needing to run a minimum of 5.

We published updates throughout the season:

  1. Run Your Heart Out Valentines 10k (13/2)
  2. Dronfield 10k (13/3)
  3. Sheffield Half (27/3)
  4. Holymoorside 10k (8/5)
  5. Buxton Half (29/5)
  6. Ashbourne Half (3/7)
  7. Askern 10k (14/8)
  8. Vale of York Half (11/9)
  9. Sheffield 10k (25/9)
  10. Chesterfield 10k (16/10)
  11. Worksop Half (30/10)
  12. Doncaster 10k (27/11)

For each race, runners scored points based on how their time compared to the time of the first-placed runner of the same sex: 100 points x (winning time / your time). So for example, if the winner took 60 minutes and you took 75, you’d have scored 100 x (60 / 75) = 80 points. A slower runner who took 80 minutes would have scored 100 x (60 / 80) = 75 points.

A runner’s total score for the championship was their best five race scores added together. Runners needed to complete at least 5 races to be eligible for prizes.

For full results, see The Spreadsheet. For a list of our club champions see below and here for details of the road champions.

Category Champion
MSen Rob Byers
FSen Laura Mella
M40-49 Stephen Schubeler
F40-49 Sarah Allcard
M50-59 Nick Booker
F50-59 Kate Scott
M60-69 Paul Bentley
F60-69 Stephanie Street
M70+ Graham Hague
F70+ (no champion)

We also had a whole club, age-graded competition. For this, we used the World Masters Athletics methodology to award scores by comparing runners’ times with the world record for their age and sex. This allows all runners, younger and older, male and female, to compete on a fair basis. Our Age-Graded Champion for 2022 was F65 Stephanie Street.