Steel City Striders Parkrun Cup (2017/2018)

What is it?
A knockout handicap cup commencing in early November 2017 with the final in March 2018.

Where and when is it held?
It will be held at 5 of Sheffield’s Parkrun sites over a period of 5 months.

How many rounds will there be?

  • Round 1: 128+ Striders
  • Round 2: 64 Striders
  • Round 3: 32 Striders
  • Round 4: 16 Striders
  • Quarter Final: 8 Striders
  • Final: 4 Striders

Proposed dates (ties to be raced on any date noted for that round)

  • Round 1: Nov 4th, 11th, 18th, –Hillsborough Parkrun
  • Round 2: Nov 25th, Dec 2nd, 9th, Castle Parkrun
  • Round 3: Dec 16th, Jan 6th, Jan 13th – Concord Parkrun
  • Round 4: Jan 20th, Jan 27th, Feb 3rd- Rother Valley Parkrun
  • Quarter Finals: Feb 10th, 17th, 24th– Graves Parkrun
  • Final: 10th March – Hillsborough Parkrun

I’m a new Strider can I join in?
Yes , the cup is open to all Striders. The 2014/15 and 2016/17 cup were won by newcomers.

How does it work?
Your name will drawn out of a hat against another Strider.
The draw will take place on Friday 29th September (live on Strider TV 9.00pm You then agree one of the 3 possible Saturdays for you to race in the Parkrun against each other (see above dates).

Hold on, what happens if I’m drawn against gold starred Andy Davies?
Aaah, this is where it nearly gets interesting.

When you enter the competition you have to submit your fastest Parkrun during 2017. It doesn’t have to be any of the Sheffield Parkruns we’ll be using in the competition (use the RunBritain or Parkrun to search/check). Basically, your fastest Parkrun time in 2017 regardless of wherever or whenever that was.

The difference between the 2 competitors PB will be automatically added onto the faster runner’s time.

The 2 competitors run in the same Parkrun and the winner is one who has the fastest time (with the added handicap time included).

Can you give me an example please, Mr Goldstar?
Michael Squires (MS) is drawn against Laura Fletcher (LF).
MS’s Parkrun PB in 2017 is 20.59
LF’s Parkrun PB in 2017 is 24.13
Thus, 3 min 14 seconds will automatically be added to Michael’s time.
Scenario 1: MS runs 20.00 and LF 24.00. MS wins as the handicap would bring MS’s time up to 23.14 but still faster than LF’s.
Scenario 2: MS 21:3O Laura 24.00. Laura wins as Michael’s handicap time (+3.14) would be 24:44.

What happens next?
The winner goes forward to the next round. The loser is, well, the loser.

What happens if my Parkrun time gets quicker?
The handicap system will be operational at the time of each draw, so if you get quicker during the cup, your handicap will change.

Why are we using 5 different sites?
Steel City Striders are all for supporting Sheffield’s lesser used Parkruns.

Do I have to run at the set dates?
Yes, but usually there are 3 Saturdays which to run each round.

How will we track progress?
Don’t worry, there will be a complex, sophisticated , fail safe tracking system in place.

You will be able to track all the results via this Parkrun Cup Online Spreadsheet.

How do I enter?
Just say confirm with a ‘yes’ on the Striders’ Facebook Page or on the created event page. We will also send out an email to all Striders. You should try and contact your opponent , if you having difficulty contact Andy Davies who will get in touch with them. Contact numbers/email addresses will be passed onto your opponent (in private) so that you can arrange the day for you to run.

Who won in 2017?
– Leisha Shiner beat Joe Dunne, Stuart Carrack, Mark Platton and Kevin Rains in the final.

Who won in 2016?
– Michael Twigg beat Bill Brown, Phil Dooley, Catherine McKeown and Gareth Hague in the final.

Who won in 2015?
– Kathryn Epworth beat Michael Greer in the final.

Will any of the Jones’ make it past the first round?
– Don’t be silly

Must I wear a club vest / T-Shirt whilst competing?
– Yes