Fell Race Championship 2023

The 2023 Fell Race Championship was open to all 1st-claim members of Steel City Striders.

It followed the same format as the Road Champs and Trail Champs. We chose 12 races throughout the year, including shorter summer evening races suitable for newcomers, longer events with lots of ascent, and even an English Championships race (John Hewitt Shelf Moor). So there was something for everyone.

Runners could do as few or as many as they liked, but only their top 5 results counted toward their championship score. Points were gained according to finishing time (see below). Scores throughout the season were kept and updated after each race. Members competed in the usual gender and age categories; M, F, senior, V40, V50, and V60.

Presentations were made to the leading runner in each category at the A.G.M. following the competition. In addition, medals were presented to the leading and second placed runner in each of the various categories.

Races in 2023

Number Race Cat Date
1 Tigger Tor BM Sun 29 Feb
2 Wolf’s Pit AS Sun 19 Mar
3 Totley Moor BM Tue 23 May
4 Grindleford BS Thu 15 Jun
5 Hope Wakes BS Wed 28 Jun
6 Hathersage Gala BS Mon 3 Jul
7 Sheldon BS Thu 20 Jul
8 Ricky’s Race BS Thu 10 Aug
9 Exterminator AL Sun 3 Sep
10 John Hewitt Shelf Moor AS Sat 23 Sep
11 Curbar Commotion BM Sat 7 Oct
12 Baslow Bolt BM Sat 25 Nov

More details on the fell race categories above can be found in our introduction to fell running here.


The overall winning times in each race for both males and females were noted, and then each runner’s finishing time was compared to that. The best 5 race scores through the season counted. For example:

  • The winning man runs in 1hr dead….. 1:00:00 (this is classed as 100%)
  • Winning Time / Striders Time * 100 gives the Strider’s time as a percentage against the winning time.
  • Strider A runs 1:05:00 (92.31%, so 92.31 pts)
    Strider B runs 1:10:00 (85.71%, so 85.71 pts)
    Strider C runs 1:15:00 (80.00%, so 80.00 pts)
    Strider D runs 1:20:00 (75.00%, so 75.00 pts)
  • A great thing about this system is that the women’s times are compared against the fastest women’s winning time.