Frequently Asked Questions

To potentially save you from dropping us an email, we have compiled a list of answers to the frequently asked questions we receive.

How old do you have to be to run with the club?

Due to insurance limitations and child safeguarding guidelines you have to be 18 years or older to run with us.

Can I come and run with you?

Yes, of course. We welcome all new runners, and will never leave anyone behind on one of our training runs. But if you cannot run for an hour or take longer than 70 minutes to run a 10k we would advise you definitely get in touch before joining us on one of our main training runs. We don’t want you to struggle or not enjoy the run so one of our 5k to 10k groups may be more suitable. For reference, each webpage for each individual run has the different group mileage and paces listed.

What if I struggle to keep up?

As long as you can run for about an hour you should be fine as no one is ever left behind. The faster runners will either wait for you at significant points along the route or double back to help you get along. All Striders sessions include qualified Run Leaders who will watch out for you, make sure you are OK and support you if it’s a struggle.

Where and when do you run?

We run in various locations across Sheffield throughout the week.  All our training sessions are listed on the website. We have a high level training summary page and then more detailed pages for each venue and run.

Do I have to let anyone know that I’m coming?

Its entirely up to you.  You can find contact details on each individual run page if you wish to touch base ahead of attending. Alternatively just turn up at any session, find the run leader and let them know your current ability.

How much does it cost?

All Striders sessions are free of charge. It costs to join the club, but you do not have to do that to come and try a few training sessions. You are under no obligation to join to try out a few sessions. Just come along and see if we are the right club for you. If you do want to join later down the line, you can do so online.

What should I wear?

During the summer months whatever you’re comfortable in. For your own safety, in winter and on darker evenings please wear high visibility clothing otherwise you won’t be able to run with us. This, and other advice can be found on our Guidelines for Running Groups page.

What shoes do I need?

Normal road running shoes will be fine for the vast majority of runs.  In the summer months we do like to go offroad and if it has been raining trail shoes may occasionally be more appropriate.

Can I bring some water?

Of course, bring along whatever you need to make the run as comfortable as possible.

Are there many ladies in the club?

Yes, loads, and the number keeps rising. Currently over one-third of the club membership is female.