Striders Track and Field

Striders have had a long history with track and field, but after a quite few years of little participation we are seeing a resurgence in interest.

There is a busy programme of local, regional and national events that are open to club members. These include masters events. The club has also hosted our own club track days (both indoor and outdoors) in recent years.

Upcoming events:

Steel City Mile (and other races)

Friday 8 July 2022, 6-9pm, Woodbourn Rd Athletics Stadium

Organised by the club and forming part of the Striders 40th anniversary events, the Steel City Mile has been revived. There will be a number of graded mile races. These are open to all club members, regardless of your speed and whether or not you’re a seasoned track runner or a newcomer to the tartan.

We’ll add a number of other fun events as time and numbers allow. Full details to follow in the spring but the focus will be as much on the social side as the racing, so it’s the perfect introduction to track running if you’ve never done it before (or at least not since school!).