Hope Valley Round

It may not be as big or dramatic as the Bob Graham or many other classic fell running challenges, but the Hope Valley Round is probably the closest and most accessible fell running ‘round’ for most Striders.

This page will keep a record of completions by club members.

The round starts and finishes at the Outside shop in Hathersage and takes in Shatton Moor, Bradwell and Old Moor, followed by the Mam Tor, Lose Hill and Win Hill summits. It comes in at around 20 miles with 4500ft of ascent.

You can read about the history of the challenge and get full details of the route on the Outside Hope Valley Round webpage.

Striders’ Completions


Name Date Time Direction
Nick Burns & Roger Walters Friday 28th April 2023 4.25.37 Clockwise
Daniel Horner & Chloe Barlow-Huuderman Sunday 30th April 2023 5.14.50 Anti Clockwise
Sally Twigg Monday 1st May 2023 5.05.29 Clockwise
Mark Platton, Vicky Hawkins & Kieran Surgeon Saturday 20th May 2023 5.06.06 Clockwise
Marie Cheng Saturday 27th May 2023 4.47.00 Clockwise
Kathy Liddiard & Laura Mella Saturday 27th May 2023 5.05.13 Clockwise
Dan Abbott Wednesday 31st May 2023 3.27.53 Clockwise
Adam McAuley & Nick Burns Thursday 1st June 2023 4.14.21 Anti Clockwise
Laura & Jim Rangeley Sunday 3rd June 2023 5.40.50 Anti Clockwise
Luke Desforges Sunday 18th June 2023 3.43.44 Anti Clockwise
Jessica Brooks Thursday 29th June 2023 4.22.54 Anti Clockwise
Hannah Jayne Wright Sunday 2nd July 2023 8.07.00 Anti Clockwise
Gillian Allen, Caroline Brock & Sian Evans Sunday 16th July 2023 3.58.20 Anti Clockwise
Sarah Thorne Saturday 22nd July 2023 4.12.31 Clockwise
Malcolm Baggaley, Kate Scott, Laura Mella, Emily Green, Dan Abbott, Tessa Bainbridge, Kathryn Liddiard Sunday 30th July 2023 5.21.00 Anti-Clockwise
Cara Hanson, Laura Fletcher, Kevin Haighton, Anne Baleux Petit-Jean Sunday 20th August 2023 7.12.56 Anti-Clockwise
Dan Abbott Sunday 28th October 2023 3.30.00 Anti-Clockwise
Cara Hanson, Steve Blake, Darrell Porter Sunday 7th November 2023 5.09.07 Anti-Clockwise
Name Date Time Direction
Dan Abbott & Nick Burns 18th August 2023 9.07.14 C/W then AC/W