Thursday Night Hillsborough Strength and Speed Training

Time: Meet at 18:20 for a 18.30 start. Finish around 19:30.
Venue: Hillsborough Leisure Centre entrance
Facilities: Street parking ONLY.  Please do NOT use the leisure centre car park.
Distance: 4 to 6 Miles
Main Contact: Zoe Dickinson (via the contact form)
Run Leader: See the dedicated Run Leaders page with photos

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions page that may already provide answers to your queries. Please note: as the majority of our training runs are in the evening or after dark, for your own safety please wear high visibility clothing otherwise you won’t be able to run with us. This and other advice can be found on our Guidelines for Running Groups page.

Thursday night Strength and Speed sessions are designed to get you stronger and encourage good running form. The sessions are open to any level of runner and are ideal for those who are new to strength and speed work. We are promoting strength and technique to differentiate this session from the existing speed and track nights at Millhouses and Woodburn respectively.

The session is run within the park and on the surrounding roads. In the summer there may be sessions further afield and off-road. As with all Striders training runs, they are completely free and newcomers are more than welcome to attend to try us out under no obligation. Please, do come along and give us a try.

The usual format of the session is as follows

  • Warm-up
  • Drills / Skills / Technique and Strength
  • Main Running Set
  • Cool down and stretch

The evening will begin with a set of dynamic warm ups and plyometrics that will encourage good form and technique. We will then take that good technique into the main session and hopefully into your everyday running.  The session will not be about smashing reps out and getting to the top of the hill the fastest, but doing it in style and promoting/encouraging good running habits. The main-set sessions differ each week and include short and long interval repetitions and hill work. See the current Thursday Strength training session schedule for full details.

For more information or any questions about the Thursday Evening Hillsborough Group, please contact Laura Fletcher via our Contact Form.