Steel City Striders have adopted a Code of Conduct, which you will find below.

If you have any concerns about the conduct of another member, please contact the chair or vice-chair.  All such concerns will be treated strictly confidentially.

You are also welcome to contact one of four members who have agreed to provide a confidential sounding board for anyone who has a concern about conduct.  You can contact one of these four members via the link on the “Contact us” page.

Code of Conduct

1. The Constitution of the Steel City Striders Running Club sets out its commitment to respect the rights, dignity and worth of everyone. The Club expects all members to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this ethos.

2. The Club has adopted this code of conduct:

Steel City Striders Running Club respects the rights, dignity and worth of everyone and expects all members to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the Club’s ethos. By becoming a member of the Club you agree to conduct yourself in an appropriate manner at all Club events, including social events, and events attended by Club members. You will also be expected to communicate on the Club’s social media sites in a way that is respectful to others.

The following will not be tolerated:

  • Verbal or physical aggression
  • Offensive or discriminatory language
  • Harassment of any kind

Members who conduct themselves in breach of this Code of Conduct may be asked to leave the event by a run leader, coach or Committee member.  Any member subjected to such conduct or observing the same should report this to a run leader, coach or Committee member as soon as possible after the incident.

Any incident will be referred to the Committee for investigation.  If it is found that a member has breached this code, the Committee will consider the imposition of sanctions which can include termination of Club membership, suspension of membership or conditions on participation in Club activities.

If necessary, a referral may be made to England Athletics and/or the Police.

3. All members are asked to acknowledge the code of conduct when they join the club, or when they renew their membership.

4. To ensure adherence to the code of conduct the club has also adopted this Conduct Policy.

Why is it Important to Respond to Misconduct?

5.1 All committee members, coaches, run leaders and all club members should be able to recognise possible misconduct and follow it up when it is reported.

5.2 All committee members, coaches and run leaders should be familiar with the Club policy on misconduct and follow it when possible misconduct is reported.

5.3 All club members should be assured that misconduct will be taken seriously and they will be supported when this is reported.


6.1 In the event that behaviour is observed that may be misconduct, it should be reported to the club chair or vice-chair.

6.2 The member concerned may be asked to leave the event by the event organiser, run leader or coach, or a committee member.

6.3 In the event that inappropriate entries are found on social media as outlined above the matter should be reported immediately to the club chair or vice-chair.

6.4 Concerns reported to another club member, run leader, coach or committee member should also be reported to club chair or vice-chair.

6.5 Members reporting concerns are asked to keep a note of what happened, when and where it happened, and who was involved.

6.6 The club chair and/or vice chair will keep a note of the concern.

6.7 The matter will be referred to the Club Conduct Sub-Committee.

Conduct Sub-Committee

7.1 The Club Committee shall appoint a conduct sub-committee.

7.2 The sub-committee shall consist of three members of the club, including at least one club committee member and including at least one woman and one man.

Role of the Conduct Sub-Committee

8.1 Upon receipt of a concern the sub-committee shall in the first instance consider whether the concern alleged constitutes possible misconduct and if so whether the concern can be dealt with by the sub-committee or should be reported to England Athletics and/or the police.

8.2 If the sub-committee decide that the concern can be dealt with by the sub-committee it shall:

8.3 Establish whether there is sufficient information from the complainant or witnesses to the concern upon which to proceed and, if not, decide what further enquiries should be made.

8.4 Prepare a summary of the allegations made and forward the same to the alleged perpetrator.

8.5 Invite the alleged perpetrator to respond to the allegations including by way of face to face meeting at a venue at which confidentiality can be maintained and at which the alleged perpetrator feels comfortable. A minute will be made of this meeting.

8.6 Then consider whether misconduct has occurred and

(i) If not, to notify both the complainant and the alleged perpetrator.

(ii) If so, whether at this stage it appears more appropriate for the matter to be referred to England Athletics or whether the sub-committee should continue to deal with the matter by taking actions or the imposition of sanctions (see below).

(iii) In either case to make a note of the decision to be maintained in confidential Club records.

Actions and Sanctions

9.1 The sub-committee will recommend to the Committee appropriate actions including imposing sanctions on the alleged perpetrator. The Committee will decide, by majority vote of those present at a meeting of the Committee called in accordance with the Club Constitution, whether to accept, vary or reject any such recommendations.

9.2 Before any sanctions are imposed the alleged perpetrator will be given 14 days notice of the matter, in writing, and be given the opportunity to make representations to the Committee about the matter

9.3 Actions that may be taken include arranging reconciliation between the parties or facilitating an apology.

9.4 Sanctions may include limiting the perpetrator’s engagement in club activities, or suspension or exclusion from the Club. A note shall be made of the reasons for the sanction being imposed.

9.5 Where it is proposed sanctions are to be imposed the alleged perpetrator shall be advised of the services offered by England Athletics.

April 2019