Road Championship 2021

The 2021 Road Championship was compressed as the Covid pandemic saw races in the first part of the year being cancelled. We finally got going in late September, with a schedule involving 8 races taking part across 5 race days, and just 3 scores to count.

As before, points were calculated using the formula 100 x (winning time / your time). So for example, if the winner took 60 minutes, a runner who took 75 minutes would score 100 x (60 / 75) = 80 points. A slower runner who took 80 minutes would score 100 x (60 / 80) = 75 points.

Unlike in the previous years, there were no bonus points for doing extra races.

Here’s how the Championship unfolded:

And here’s a list of our 2021 Road Champions:

Cat Name
MSen Richard Pearson
FSen Harriet Davies
M40-49 Tim Holt
F40-49 Lucy Broom
M50-59 Nick Booker
F50-59 Kate Scott
M60-69 Paul Bentley
F60-69 Dot Kesterton

We also kept track of age-graded scores, which handicap runners by age and sex, allowing all runners—younger and older, male and female—to compete on a fair footing. Dot Kesterton (F65) was our top scorer there, with Lucy Broom (F45) second, and Nick Booker (M50) third.