Wednesday Night Hillsborough Training

Time: Meet at 18:50 for a 19.00 start.
Venue: Main entrance at the bottom of Hillsborough Park
Facilities: Street parking ONLY. Please do NOT use the leisure centre car park
Distance: 6 to 9 miles
Main Contact: Cara Hanson (via the contact form)
Run Leaders: See the dedicated Run Leaders page with photos

We have created a Frequently Asked Questions page that may already provide answers to your queries. Please note: as the majority of our training runs are in the evening or after dark, for your own safety please wear high visibility clothing otherwise you won’t be able to run with us. This and other advice can be found on our Guidelines for Running Groups page.

Ideally, if there are enough numbers we will run 5 groups, otherwise, groups may merge and split differently. The midweek racing season may affect attendance numbers at training nights.

Pace and distances listed set out a minimum standard. To ensure that you join the group that is best for you see the guidance below:


Group Parkrun 10k HM
6 miles in 65 mins 38 mins 1:16 2:40
7 miles in 65 mins 33 mins 1:06 2:20
8 miles in 70 mins 25 mins 0:52 2:00
9 miles in 75 mins 22 mins 0:46 1:40

6 miles in 65 minutes group: A 6-6.5 mile run at approximately 10:49 minute miles

7 miles in 70 minutes group: A 7 mile run at approximately 10 minute miles

7 miles in 65 minutes group: A 7 mile run at approximately 9:17 minute miles

8 miles in 70 minutes group: A 8-9 mile run at approximately 8:44 minute miles

9 miles in 75 minutes: A 9+ mile run at approximately 8:19 minute miles

Pace and distances listed are for guidance as they will always be dictated by the slowest member of each group on each night. Also, as Hillsborough is well, hilly, the times listed are approximate because of that. But as with all Striders training runs, no one is left behind and the faster ones in the group will double back for the slower ones. So please don’t feel under pressure to run faster than you are capable.

The routes will initially be running on well-lit roads from Hillsborough Leisure Centre and will include Middlewood, Oughtibridge, Worrall, Wisewood, Loxley, Walkley etc. Although we will look to expand onto trails and off road in the spring. As with all Striders training runs, they are completely free and newcomers are more than welcome to attend to try us out under no obligation. Please, do come along and give us a try.

For more information or any questions about the Wednesday Evening Hillsborough Group, please contact Cara Hanson via our Contact Form