Yorkshire Marathon 2018 report by Richard Carter

Race date: Sunday, 14 October 2018

Race report by Richard Carter

The York (shire) marathon. The classic distance set along the mostly flat environs of York and surrounding countryside including a morale-boosting hairpin turn at historic Stamford Bridge. Who then could say no?! 23 Striders lined up amongst over 4000 hardy souls to take on the 2018 edition along with several other Striders competing in the 10-mile sister event which takes place on part of the marathon course.

The event is now a firm fixture in the middle of Autumn and so the weather therefore is a bit of a gamble. This year we lost. 100% chance of rain was the prediction on the weather forecast and it wasn’t wrong. To compound matters it was ‘that fine rain that soaks you through’. This led to a dilemma in the wardrobe department – untested waterproofs or traditional vest with a high risk of chafe? For better or worse the latter was chosen. The sports centre, which last year had been a haven of civility amongst the chaos, was closed so an appropriate tree was chosen to get changed under.

Race started at 0930h and with bin bags on full deployment it was tricky picking out other Striders milling around the race village. However, as we lined up at the start it was great to get a shout out from those Striders doing the 10-mile race. No expense was spared from race organisers with Bob Hope from Emmerdale setting us off. The first 2 miles wind through York’s narrow sometimes cobbled streets and finally to a memorable stretch past the Minster with the bells echoing around you. It’s then onto the country lanes with pockets of hardy locals encouraging the runners on in the damp conditions.

My own light training mileage caught up with me around mile 19 and as 3h30m slipped out of reach I clung on to finish with gritted teeth and stiff legs in 3h43m. There was, as ever, great camaraderie between Striders in terrible conditions with encouraging shouts along the out and back sections of the course. The wet then turned to very cold at the end with the race village resembling a post-apocalyptic scene with many of us wandering round under foil blankets, teeth chattering looking in vain for a radiator to stand next to. And to think we paid for this! Despite the challenging conditions I personally enjoyed ‘the struggle’ and maximum respect goes to all those who took part.

Paul Martelletti of Victoria Park and Tower Hamlets AC was first male back in 2h27m02s with Katherine Wood of Sale Harriers the first female back in 2h41m33s. 4253 runners finished.

Striders results:

P Name Cat Time
62 James Fulcher M 02:53:27
77 Nick Booker M50 02:54:54
146 Daniel Cubitt M 03:01:28
153 David Whittaker M35 03:02:31
195 Tony Ker M40 03:06:10
229 Tim Holt M40 03:08:26
235 Alex Shepherd M45 03:09:24
406 Lee Kenton M 03:19:09
509 Liam Turner M 03:25:24
697 Leisha Shiner F 03:30:10
716 Stuart Jones M55 03:30:34
895 David Firth M 03:38:38
920 Simon Ellis M40 03:39:23
1024 Frances Barradell F35 03:41:57
1049 Richard Carter M35 03:43:19
1347 Richard Sands M45 03:52:43
1507 Hannah Dougherty F 03:57:01
1677 Emma Beal F35 03:59:28
1840 Cara Hanson F35 04:04:28
1932 Mark Norman M35 04:08:30
2038 Sarah Moore F 04:08:10
2241 Tony Lyell M45 04:18:54
2869 Peter Keats M45 04:41:03
3006 Ryan Talley M50 04:42:42

Full results can be found at: http://www.chiptiming.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Results-Yorkshire-Mararthon-2018-1.pdf


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