Road Race Championship 2018 Update 9 of 9

Here’s an update including all the Road Race Championship races so far. Remember that it requires a minimum participation of 5 races before any eligibility to win a prize kicks in and your best 5 scores count.

Race No Date Race
1 18th February 2018 Liversedge Half
2 1st July 2018 (rearranged date) Dronfield 10k
3 8th April 2018 Sheffield half
4 13th May 2018 (TBC) Holymoorside 10k
5 13th July 2018 Striders10k
6 12th August 2018 Askern 10 miler
7 30th September 2018 (TBC) Cusworth 10k
8 28th October 2018 (TBC) Worksop half
9 25th November 2018 TBC Barnsley 10k

Note down the following link which will be updated throughout the season with the latest results:

Road Race Championship Spreadsheet

Name Points 5 Races?
Jeni Harvey 491 YES
Letitia Hancock 476 YES
Claire Grisdale 476 YES
Kimberley Bateman 469 YES
Laura Fletcher 444 YES
Name Points
Phil Skelton 541 YES
Adam Brown 362 NO
Joseph Lee 325 NO
Hal Roberts 284 NO
Alex Green 255 NO
Name Points
Lucy Broom 524 YES
Jo Carnie 433 YES
Sarah Allcard 287 NO
Gayle Dooley 282 NO
Josephine Blewitt 241 NO
Name Points
Michael Richardson 502 YES
Peter Webber 483 YES
James Ogden 465 YES
Adam McAuley 459 YES
Phil Dooley 421 YES
Name Points
Nicola Rafferty 472 YES
Caroline Welton 326 NO
Kate Scott 277 NO
Angela Jackson 240 NO
Jane Evans 171 NO
Name Points
Clive Downing 429 YES
Andrew Woffindin 308 NO
Peter Brown 247 NO
Ian Spencer 207 NO
David Naisbitt 164 NO
Name Points
Nicole Nield 392 YES
Name Points
Ian Blackburn 413 YES
Graham Hague 238 NO
David Hewitt 194 NO
David Parry 152 NO
Richard Binks 145 NO
Name Points
Helen Eberlin 238 NO
Ronald Ward 59 NO
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