This is the fourth in an ongoing Striders history series compiled from Striders newsletters and committee records. The other pages are:


Striders History 2014–2017 by Roger Stevenson (founder member and club archivist)

January 2021

Back with you Striders and other interested folks after a pause of 2 years to continue with this history of our club.

I have tried where possible whilst compiling this history to include the names of club members. To include everyone who is or has been a member would be interesting, but unfortunately impossible!

Life changes, and changes affect our daily lives. Joining this club and maybe just starting out as a runner have been pivotal moments for most of us. What would you do without your daily fix of running and then the thrill of competition? New friends made are special moments shared!

The club website, due to much hard work and commitment has really developed and within it there are a wealth of race reports and results commencing in July 2013. So we now have the club history recorded both in this document and now online.

I do hope when first reading this history you weren’t expecting it to be like reading a book! The information within is a collection of facts relating to the everyday happenings of the club and its members.

I will try where possible to record here some highlights from the online results and reports, but another source of club history to which I have access are the minutes of club committee meetings.

Club members train and compete both alone and with friends on a regular basis. 100s of miles pass under their feet, conversations and social activities are ongoing but only a fraction of all that is recorded, however memories always remain.

In July 2013 the club held its first Ultra event on the 50-mile route of the Sheffield Way. At the birth of this club in 1982, such an event wasn’t even dreamed of! Since 1982 the club and its members have set many horizons with new initiatives, new events, personal hopes and achievements. Should we call those 3 lads in that event, Alistair Lawson, Steve Haake and Ben Heller trail blazers? They might not like the description, but their efforts on the day were remarkable. Alistair came home first in 8 hours 49 minutes, Steve was 2nd in 9:08 and Ben was only just behind with a time of 9:11.

Ben Heller, Alistair Lawson and Steve Haake pose for a photo at the 2013 Sheffield Way Ultra

Ben Heller, Alistair Lawson and Steve Haake at the 2013 Sheffield Way Ultra

A slight problem when extracting information from committee meeting minutes could have been selecting topics for recording.The topics discussed at a meeting are both small and large in content and perhaps seemingly unimportant, but all in my opinion are worth recording in the history of the club.

Race results and reports are on the Striders website. Those results and reports are too numerous to be included in this written history. Club members have not only raced locally but also far and wide. A word of praise for the competitive attitude of members whether coming first, half way or last in their chosen race. That taste of the first time a race has been entered will lead no doubt lead to entering it again the following year.

What I haven’t done previously when compiling this history, is to refer to information at the club AGMs. I will remedy that failure as the history continues. The opinion of some is that AGMs can be dull affairs, but I personally have always looked forward to them. Always information of interest and more often a chance to see members who you haven’t seen for a good while. I have tried to include when reporting AGM matters items not previously mentioned at committee meetings.

A full complement of club records including track and field are available on the Striders website, under the “Club history” section. Individual records for track and field are shown in this history.

January 2014

As an example of the variety of topics at meetings, at the meeting on 1 January 2014 at the Broadfield Arms pub on Abbeydale Road the following was discussed (as well as the booze being consumed). A variation in topics discussed is the theme of all meetings.

  • Arrangements for the AGM and documentation
  • Presentation of balance sheet and agreement that after the profit from Percy Pud had been calculated the club would donate £1800 to a charity of its choice. (Worth noting how over the years the club has been so generous with it’s charitable donations from the profits arising from the Percy Pud event.)
  • Discussion regarding names of new members and resignations
  • New webmaster required with suggestions made and roles discussed as the club widened its provision of online information
  • Trophies, medal and voucher requirements for the AGM
  • Points system for road race championship to be retained. Events chosen for the year.
  • Problems to be sorted regarding the large attendance of runners from Heeley on a Monday evening. No doubt passing motorists wondered what very large groups on a Monday evening were doing gathering as they did.
  • Dates for Striders events decided, that is road, fell, cross country, possibly track and Percy Pud
  • Favourable report on the Christmas event and news of a curry night in Adrian Butler’s memory
  • A so called ‘Wash Up’ meeting to discuss the 2013 Percy Pud event planned for February meeting

This meeting was typical with its varied content and a reflection of the hard work done behind the scenes by not only this committee but by Striders committees throughout the history of the club.

February 2014

  • At the February meeting in 2014 there was much discussion concerning the outcome of the Percy Pud ‘Wash Up’ meeting. Issues raised obviously to be acted upon.
  • Striders fell race competition for the year organised and details of the forthcoming 5-mile road race series were given including a rise to £7 per runner for the cost of entry
  • A few minor problems with the Monday evening training session from Heeley Baths. Although not noted, those minor problems were probably due to sorting out runners into equal ability groups.
  • A Sheffield Half Marathon post-race lunch to be organised at the Fat Cat located at Kelham Island
  • A track night to be organised and a weekend in Hebden Bridge
  • Committee members currently in post to stand again at the AGM
  • New webmasters announced: Mick Wall, Jeni Pitkin, Sean Farrow and Louis Wood
  • Discussion at this meeting re the format of committee meetings
  • Discounted Physiotherapy treatments have been organised by Luigi Cazzato
  • Luigi continuing to organise the Dronfield Relay along with James Hunter

March 2014

Topics discussed at the March meeting:

  • AGM documentation approved, waiting to be posted to members
  • Committee members shown examples of medals for presentation to winners and second place
  • Informal discussions on the following:
    • Beginners course to be discussed after AGM
    • Members carrying ID when training
    • New venue rep for Heeley
    • E-mail reminder to members to pay subs and ask for return of trophies
    • Online application for membership and payment

2014 Annual General Meeting

The 2014 club AGM was held at the Nether Edge Bowling Club. 60 members attended. A small financial loss had been incurred in 2013 due to the cost of England Athletics membership, investment in sending members on leadership courses and the club paying the cost of entry to SYAAA road and cross country series.

Much of the meeting centered around topics discussed previously at committee meetings.

  • Mike Greer expressed a desire to hand over his responsibility for administration of the Long Distance Strider competition. Andy Green came forward.
  • Louis Wood gave an update on website development as Dave Beech was standing down
  • Several members had attended a navigation course
  • Richard Dunk queried the club’s efforts to recruit new members from those who had entered Percy Pud
  • Presentation took place on Heart Rate training by Stuart Hale of Accelerate and Stuart Bond of Dark Peak Fell Runners

April 2014

With sometimes 10+ committee meetings in a year, committee members do well to attend them all. At the April meeting at Norma Parkes’ house with the possible prospect of tasting some of Norma’s fine cooking, 5 members offered apologies!

  • Brief and favourable feedback on the AGM meeting
  • As usual, a number of members still not paid their subs
  • Members’ e-mail addresses now up to date
  • New website under consideration
  • The club’s Facebook involvement increases
  • Stuart Hales of Accelerate, the Attercliffe shop, to give a training session on fell running
  • Members to take part in a Leaders’ course
  • Risk assessment form to be amended
  • Volunteers have come forward to take Beginners’ group
  • Anglers Rest in Bamford booked for post Striders 10k gathering
  • Camping weekend at Hebden Bridge with the option of fell race participation

May 2014

The Broadfield Arms was a popular choice it appears for meetings, when again it was the venue in May.

  • The club’s Dronfield Relay had a new organising group of Steve Hargreaves, Adam Whitworth and kate Wilkinson
  • The presence of the Police at the 2013 Percy Pud cost the club £1246
  • As usual, social media posts in place asking members to renew their subscriptions
  • A good contribution of entries from the club for the 5-mile race series
  • Anticipated there wil be interest from members in competing in the Dam Flask Relays
  • Sessions to begin aimed at 12 to 15 runners who are capable of running 5k enabling them to run 10k. Alistair Lawson and Richard Hayes have volunteered, both having been on a leadership course.
  • New leadership course taking place with Adam Whitworth, Kate Wilkinson, Nancy Stuart and Paul Stuart attending
  • Pete Brown, a much valued member who provides specialised training sessions, requested to take part in a first aid course
  • Striders 10k organisation up and running. Numbers being given out, Barry Gyte visiting venues to gather support, post-race event at the Anglers Rest at Bamford, that venue have agreed the menu and numbers to be catered for.
  • Organisation of Salt Cellar Fell Race in progress, Steve Hargreaves and Dean Young involved. Edale Mountain Rescue to provide first aid cover.
  • A Striders event with overnight camping involved called Midsummer Madness has been cancelled
  • A Park Run flashmob suggested at a Manor location
  • Matt Surgeon, current club chairman, is to step down at next years AGM.
    Suggestions for his replacement.
  • Tony Horstead organising trophies
  • Steve Hargreaves to contact Andy Green’s wife who works in PR for ideas on promoting and marketing the club
  • A small gift for Steve Ludlow for club use of his storage facilities. Steve and his wife Eileen are typical of many members who have been willing to give their time in helping the club to run successfully!

June 2014

The beer in the Broadfield obviously must have been to the liking of the Striders committee as it again was the venue for the June meeting!

  • More portable toilets required for the Percy Pud event to prevent the unfortunate use of the bottom of the field adjacent to the start as a urinal
  • In discussing last year’s Percy Pud event, the following was noted:
    the race was full after only 35 hours since entries were opened
  • Start and finish positions of the course were slightly altered after a required measurement check of the route
  • Larger puddings had been ordered, approx 1lb each
  • Goody bags would in future be given to each race marshal
  • 2015 AGM venue to be booked well in advance
  • Club accounts show a generally positive position
  • Stewart Robinson, membership secretary, to draft motion for committee to have power to increase membership fees, rather than requiring to be done solely at an AGM. This is because of England Athletics fairly frequently increasing their membership fees.
  • The proposed list of events for the 2015 club Road Race Champioship to be further discussed and refined
  • This year’s 12 October SYAAA cross country event will incorporate the Striders race
  • 10 members attended a first aid course
  • The 5k to 10k initiative had 2 groups of 12 runners each
  • A new Facebook page attached to the club
  • Information to attract new members on the website. Join now with membership to run until end of January 2016.
  • A proposal to initiate 2 new groups to build up to either Percy Pud or another winter 10k event
  • Only 2 entries currently for the Ultra Race
  • 12 teams comprising 3 ladies’, 1 mixed and 8 men’s teams for Round Sheffield
  • A good attendance at what was called the Curry Run
  • Nancy Stuart possibly interested in the role of Women’s Ambassador
  • 2014 Christmas social planned for Thursday 12 December
  • The updating of requirements for runners joining and existing members renewing to take place in the immediate future

June 2014 again!

Another meeting in June, sign of a busy month for club matters.

  • The club continues to use the help of the Mountain Rescue organisations
  • As usual work required reminding members to pay their subs
  • Thanks recorded for the work done in the updating and relaunch of the club website
  • Dam Flask Relays organised and it’s looking like the highest attendance of club members yet at this event
  • 64 finished the club 10k: 1 guest, 17 ladies and 46 men. Post-event buffet well received.
  • 5 October set for the club cross country
  • Round Sheffield, Fell Run and Percy Pud organisation proceeding. Luigi Cazzato liasing with members involved.
  • Contact with pub made for post-event buffet after Dronfield Relay

July 2014

Next meeting on 22 July, once again at the Broadfield pub.

  • Apologies from Louis Wood, Norma Parkes and James Hunter
  • Those in attendance were Steve Hargreaves, Tony Horstead, Luigi Cazzato, Rowena Sharma, Adrian Moss, Stewart Robinson, Matt Surgeon, Richard Dunk and Tom Nuttgens
  • £4500 received in subs which is 50% up on last year
  • Adrian Moss, Club Treasurer, looking into obtaining more favourable returns on the club cash
  • Subs not paid still being chased. Run leaders to try encourage payment.
  • Lifetime membership for Richard Dunk to be discussed at next meeting
  • Website fully up and running. More information being added.
  • Twitter account now linked to website
  • Next issue of Easy Strider due out
  • Dates for Percy Pud, 7 December and Sheffield Way, 21 September, both confirmed. Sheffield Way teams to be organised by Matt Surgeon, Phil Howson, Simon Wiles and Dave Palmer.
  • Women members to be encouraged to race more, there has been an increase in lady members
  • Doncaster 5k may be dropped next year from club road race championship due to mixed feedback
  • Any changes to events in the championship to be considered carefully with the opinions of longstanding members
  • Clarification required from Trevor Watson regarding inclusion of races in fell race championship, races included must have appeal to female runners
  • Tony Horstead to monitor breaking of club records
  • Accidents to members whilst out running to be noted, that is when happened and where and if avoidable
  • Further discussion over leaders holding a bag containing emergency kit
  • Date set for first aid course, it is hoped more members will attend
  • Alistair Lawson creating a programme for beginners who can run 5k
  • 14-year-old attended Millhouses Park training session. Situation discussed and opinion formed that there were other groups apart from our club to cater for his needs.
  • Decided that anyone under age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
  • Ian Stinson moving ahead with cross country programme
  • Adrian Moss looking into whether first aid cover is need for cross country
  • More marshals required for Salt Cellar race. Counting essential at start, mid point and finish for safety reasons. Awaiting confirmation from Mountain Rescue that they will be attending. Free entry to club members. Donation amount of £200 to Edale Mountain Rescue agreed. Mossie-net photography to be given a cash amount which they will give to a charity as thanks for photos taken at Salt Cellar.
  • Dronfield Relay a successful event, post-race buffet went well
  • Post-event buffets organised for Sheffield Way and Cross Country
  • Percy Pud organisation ongoing. Discussion about encouraging faster runners to enter. Pudding order organised.

Readers of this history could be surprised at the large and varied content of the above meeting and perhaps wondering why so much of the meeting is included. I think it is important that we note just how much work is done by committee members with full time jobs and family commitments very much of it behind the scenes and of course in their own time.

September 2014

The minutes for the meeting on 9 of September, I will comment, were sparse! Just a list of headings with no information to record.

October 2014

The Broadfield obviously a popular choice for committee meetings, the location once again for the meeting on 14 October.

  • Percy Pud:
    • Puddings arriving shortly
    • Course remeasured
    • £250 to any runner breaking course record
    • BBC cameras will be present to film Harry Gration
    • Race volunteers coming forward
    • 77 Striders have entered. These members are urged to come forward with the name of a volunteer.
    • Confusion over Up and Running’s sponsorship of the race now sorted

The above gives an indication of some of the issues involved in organising this event.

Mick Wall produced a report concerning the new website and also a paper detailing the way forward with the membership process.

  • Virgin London Marathon guaranteed entries discussed
  • 25 members finished at the first SYAAA cross country meeting at Spinkhill.
    Teams organised for Cutlers Relay and National.
  • Alternative scoring system for Road Race Championship to be proposed
  • Details of dates for Road Race Championship need comparing with Fell race dates to avoid clashes
  • Steph Street and Ian Blackburn have proposed a Tuesday morning training run from Millhouses Park
  • Yellow winter training tops to be promoted
  • 14 teams took part in the Round Sheffield event
  • 2015 solo ultra race to be advertised earlier to encourage more entries
  • Confirmation required regarding booking of Nether Edge Bowling club for the next AGM
  • Andy Green taken over from Rowena Sharma as Social Secretary
  • The Lescar pub at Sharrow Vale to be investigated for the club Christmas buffet
  • Comments that the 2014 Striders calendar not large enough. James Hunter to be contacted.

November 2014

Change of venue for the meeting on 25 November, the Lescar pub on Sharrow Vale Road.

  • Percy Pud again discussed
    • New members will be helping
    • Sufficient marshalls and helpers
    • Amey to unblock drains if needed
    • Puddings and water purchased
    • BBC’s Harry Gration to attend with cameras.
  • Nancy Stuart presented a survey for female members to encourage more team involvement
  • Presentation by Mick Wall regarding membership renewal online
  • Adrian reported that use of Pay Pal is not working
  • 4 members given places after draw for London Marathon entries: Nick Portus, Andy Davies, Sian Evans and Phil Howson. Reserves are David Whittaker and John Walker. Unsuccessful were John Rawlinson, Michael Twigg and Nicola Ross.
  • Much discussion about awaiting members’ e-mail addresses, advertising for new chairperson, details of new members, extended membership, cost of upgrade for website and testing the use of Pay Pal
  • Steve Atkinson has completed his final edition of Easy Strider, ready to go out to members. Easy Strider will be replaced by a new regular Mailchimp e mail every fortnight or month.Just reflect on this and how communication by the club to its members has changed over the years.
  • Leadership courses taken by Stephanie Street, Colin Hardy, Andy Davies and Andy Green
  • A second beginners’ course has been organised
  • Certificates to be awarded at the AGM to Dave Palmer, Barry Guite, Ben Heller and Steve Haake for breaking club records
  • A club knockout competition called Park Run Challenge will start in January at Castle with 64 members
  • Catering for AGM arranged by John Crossland and drinks tokens have been printed
  • Dates for club events, 10k, Round Dronfield and Round Sheffield to be confirmed
  • Tickets for Christmas Social sold out. To speak with Lescar pub manager regarding food
  • Future social events could be Winter curry night, social after Sheffield Half Marathon and a sports day at Woodbourn Track

Womens records – road

In this year 2014 the following records were set by Carol Beattie in the female veterans over-60 category:

  • 37:49 in the Wombwell 5 mile
  • 46:47 in the 10K at Partington
  • 1:19:12 in the 10 miles at Askern

Mens records – road

In the Marathon at Mablethorpe, Barry Gyte set a record of 3:16:54 in the male veterans over-60 category.

January 2015

The club history continues and we are now Into another year and the first meeting for 2015 on 20 January, again at the Broadfield pub.

  • Andy Buck agreed to take over as Chair
  • Andy Davies to take over Steve Hargreaves’ role
  • Speaker to be organised to talk about common injuries and how to avoid them
  • A donation will be given to Weston Park
  • Annual accounts presented, a neutral balance (what’s a neutral balance?)
  • Percy Pud accounts finalised
  • Donation to be given for charity to organisers of Castle Park Run
  • Work in progress re use of online facilities for club administration
  • Dates for 5-mile SYAAA events set
  • Beginners’ courses going well and leadership training proceeding
  • Wednesday night at Hillsborough going well
  • Club to be registered with Run England
  • Alistair Lawson organising couch-to-5k
  • A new beginners’ 5k to 10k course will take place in the south of the city for 8 weeks
  • Striders10k set for 3 July, Round Dronfield on the 19 July. Fell Race 7 August and Round Sheffield 20 September
  • This year’s club cross country to be incorporated in Sheffield AC open meeting
  • Andy Buck organising a team for National Fell Relays at Pendle
  • Ben Heller attended to discuss Round Sheffield Ultra Race
  • Christmas party a success
  • Marathon training seminar well received
  • Emma Hurst, English Athletics S Yorks rep to be invited to first meeting of new committee
  • Nancy Stuart gave results of survey of female runners. Concerns to be followed up

February 2015

17th Feb at the Broadfield pub. Apologies from Matt Surgeon and Luigi Cazzato

  • Additional marquees at Percy Pud appreciated
  • Larger puddings planned for this year’s event
  • On the lookout for better runners and increase in prizes planned
  • More first aiders needed, also a doctor/paramedic/nurse
  • Possible increase in race entry fee
  • Pay Pal proving popular with members
  • Mailchimp being trialled
  • Medals and vouchers for AGM are ready
  • Introduction to track by Dave Palmer with 3 sessions at Chaucer school
  • Possibilty of hiring Totley clubhouse for fell event, Helen Calder to investigate

March 2015

17th March at the Broadfield pub.

  • Nothing to report from Secretary
  • Treasurer: accounts signed off, ready for AGM
  • Liability Insurance renewed
  • Updated membership lists to be issued to all members of new committee
  • Mailchimp now in use
  • 50 numbers received for SYAAA 5-mile series and all taken. 20 more requested.
  • Ultra seminar well attended, 45 people approximately
  • Dave Palmer to organise 3 track events
  • Fell race: Tigers’ function room to be booked

2015 Annual General Meeting

The 33rd AGM on 26 March 2015 was held as usual at the Nether Edge Bowling Club. 66 members attended.

  • Concern that some members were not using the numbers given to them and paid for by the club for the SYAAA 5-mile events
  • Pre-ordered Bobble hats ready for collection. A Percy Pud hat will be available later in the year.
  • Police require more marshals at Percy Pud
  • Presentation by Michael Lee, a physiotherapist, well received!
  • Presentation made to Matt Surgeon in appreciation of his contribution to the club
  • John Rothwell commented after handing over the club track and field records, could the track and field section be developed?
  • A comment from Andy Rowland intimated that a junior track and field section could be started,but a reply from the Chair said it was a large commitment but would be discussed by the committee
  • Goodbye to Steve Hargreaves, a willing helper for the club, who was going to work in Aberdeen
  • The Annual Report was passed as was the Financial Report and the Balance Sheet
  • A motion was put to the meeting, that the Committee shall have the power to increase the price of membership in line with English Athletics registration price increases. After discussion the motion was passed.
  • Nominations for the committee were put to the meeting, all accepted.
    Andy Buck was proposed and seconded as Chair. Passed unanimously!
  • Notices re the following were made:
    • E-mail acknowledgement sent out to paid up members
    • 78 members signed up for SY 5-mile races
    • Bobble hats available for collection, Percy Pud hats available later in the year
    • Money has been donated to Mossienets for use of photos on Facebook and website
    • Edale Mountain Rescue have been given profits from Salt Cellar Race
    • John Crossland asked for volunteers to marshall the Sheffield Way Relay
    • Tony Horestead made presentations for club events
    • Ian Stinson made a presentation to Steve Hargreaves, who was leaving Sheffield, for his work with the Tuesday speed sessions

Reports for the year were available from the Chair, Membership Secretary, Road Race Secretary, Training and Venues Secretary, Communications Secretary, Social Secretary, Events Secretary and from Richard Dunk regarding Percy Pud.

April 2015

14 April at the Broadfield pub.

Roles agreed for the following new committee members

  • Norma Parkes – Secretary
  • Adrian Moss – Treasurer
  • Stewart Robinson – Membership Secretary
  • Tony Horestead – Competition
  • Louis Wood – Communications
  • Andy Davies – Training, coaching and venues
  • Andy Green – Social
  • Luigi Cazzato – Event
  • Sam Needham – Special responsibility for new membership
  • Co-opted members: James Hunter – Communications; Mick Wall – Webmaster;
    Nancy Stuart – Women’s ambassador

Other matters discussed:

  • Usual events for this year: 10k, Dronfield Relay, Round Sheffield, Percy Pu,d
    Introductory track, field and cross country sessions
  • Team events to be investigated for club participation
  • Steph Street has a list of potential run leaders for beginners’ sessions
  • Work to be carried out on Membership database to enable committee members access
  • Sam Needham to contact all new members and follow up 3 months later
  • Track evening to be held either at Woodbourn Road or Chaucer School to include Steel City Mile, possible children’s race and barbeque. John Rothwell has offered his help.
  • Adrian Moss presented accounts showing current situation
  • Suggestion made for a more regular newsletter
  • Discussion regarding acceptance of either chip or gun time for road championship. Chip time chosen, but gun time for club records.
  • Dam Flask Relays – organisation difficult due to members dropping out. A suggestion that groups organise their own teams and inform Tony Horestead. Sam Needham to contact new members and encourage participation in this event.
  • Post-race social after SCS 10k on 3 July to be held at Anglers Rest at Bamford
  • Post-race social after Round Dronfield to be held at the Victoria pub in Dronfield
  • John Crossland to organise post-race social after Round Sheffield
  • A private Facebook page to facilitate communication between committee members was suggested. Compare the beenfits of such a suggestion with the communication between committee members before the use of social media!

May 2015

27th May at a new venue, The Old Dairy on Broadfield Road. Apologies from Nancy Stuart, Mick Wall and James Hunter. Also In attendance, non-committee members: John Rothwell, Pete Brown and Dave Beech: Dave to have a photo taken with a memento presented to acknowledge his work as webmaster, and John Rothwell and Pete Brown attended to discuss and advise on a club track meeting.

  • Woodbourn Road, now called the Sheffield Hallam University City Athletics Stadium, booked for 11 September
  • Accounts to date presented showing an overspend of £4300
  • Other payments of £2300 to be made
  • Overspend due to increase in EA subs, subsidy on club vests, cost to club of increased participation by members in SYAAA 5-mile series
  • Club membership stands at 359 including honorary members
  • Stewart Robinson and Mick Wall have worked together to create a database that only committee members have access to
  • News to go out with details of Dam Flask Relays, Striders 10k and Round Dronfield
  • Communication received from Emma Hurst of EA regarding funding for beginners’ groups
  • £900 spent on on race numbers for 5 mile race series
  • 9 teams entered 2014 Dam Flask Relays, hoped to have more this year, Elite teams to be selected
  • Barry Gyte organising club 10k, Edale Mountain Rescue to provide first aid cover
  • Andy Green to organise post-race catering at Anglers Rest in Bamford
  • Dean Young to be contacted regarding Salt Cellar Fell Race organisation
  • Adrian Butler Memorial Curry Run date set, 10 August, followed by meal at the Everest on Chesterfield Road
  • Adam Whitworth organising mugs as prizes for Round Dronfield
  • Venues sought for 100 members to attend Christmas social
  • Seminar to be arranged on Bob Graham Round and Billy Bland Challenge
  • Richard Dunk and Julian Paul to be invited to meeting on 28 July for update on Percy Pud

June 2015

23 June and back at the Old Dairy on Broadfield Road.

  • £100 donated to the British Heart Foundation in memory of Julian Paul
  • £500 raised through Just Giving by Phil Howson for Edale Mountain Rescue as a result of their help towards Andy Green during Edale Fell Race
  • Arrangements for the Salt Cellar Race fully discussed and confirmed
  • Cross country taster event discussed as well as other aspects of cross country i.e. course marking, team organisation, a coach to take members to events and purchase of 2 larger flags/banners
  • Sam Needham to design a club advertisement poster for use in Sheffield running shops
  • Just one female runner short for 6 teams for the Damflask Relays. 42 men are entered!
  • Discussion whether training and coaches secretaries role should be split into 2 as the number of venues, members and groups has increased since the job description was formalised 7 years ago
  • Good news from the son of the late Julian Paul is that Julian’s car will be used for the forthcoming Percy Pud event
  • Concern expressed over the cost of the food after the recent club 10k event
  • Mick Wall brought up issue of backlog of club vests
  • Mick to investigate after interest shown by members in windproof tops

July 2015

28 July, back at the Old Dairy.

  • Update on Percy Pud:
    • SYAA to propose increase in discount on road races for affiliated clubs
    • race licence granted
    • police met re: road closures
    • St John Ambulance to provide first aid cover
    • puddings bought last year are in storage
    • chip timings with FR systems
    • extra 200 entries can be accepted
    • marquee with urinals arranged and more toilets ordered
    • more first aiders
    • pacers will again be used
    • posters advertising the race will be place in local running shops
    • Julian Paul’s family to run this year and entry forms will state that the race is in Julian’s memory
    • entries open 5 October
    • Barry Gyte organising volunteers
  • The work involved in all of the above is down to the commitment of Race Director Richard Dunk and his team of helpers

Also discussed were:

  • Membership secretary reports there are currently 361 members
  • Information about events still being sent out via Mailchimp
  • Congratulations to Tony (surname not given) for completion of the Ironman Triathlon
  • Dam Flask Relays was a successful event although comments about the club crowding the finish area would be passed on
  • Training, coaching and venues roles being shared by Mick Wall, Nancy Stuart and Jen Rich
  • Steph Street, Ian Blackburn and Laura Fletcher to organise 10-week 5–10k beginners group at Millhouses
  • 90 finished the club 10k. Edale Mountain Rescue cancelled, Nick Burns’ father provided cover
  • 11 club teams ran the Round Dronfield
  • Salt Cellar equipment to be obtained from Steve Ludlow’s workshop
  • Steve Hargreaves to attend the Salt Cellar event from his home in Aberdeen
  • Pete Brown, Louis Wood, Dave Palmer, Ben Heller and Luigi Cazzato all involved with organisation of various events
  • John Crossland organising food for post-Round Sheffield
  • Nick Burns has organised a site at the finish area of the Chester Marathon for a gazebo and the club tent
  • Discussion re: the purchase of training T-shirts. Mick Wall to investigate. Norma Parkes to organise advertising, ordering and distribution.

September 2015

8 September at the Old Dairy.

A meeting at which appear to be minor points discussed, but of course of importance to the administration of the club.

  • London Marathon applications
  • Club’s finances OK
  • Updated membership list available
  • All club communication functioning OK
  • New beginners’ course to start at Millhouses Park for 10 weeks, 20 registered
  • Club to pay cost of £1000 for training of 2 new running coaches
  • Slow group on Monday evenings to be limited to 6 miles. Volunteers and rota in place for the group.
  • 30 members interested in a Summer curry run
  • Venue booked for Christmas event
  • No individual club cross country event planned, one from the SYCCA series to be used
  • 112 members have shown interest in a Striders training T-shirt

October 2015

8 October at the Broadfield pub.

  • Following the collapse of member Nick Portus at the Chester Marathon finish line, Nick is recovering. Flowers, new vest and a card all arranged from the club.
  • Percy Pud entries of 2254 sold out in 2 hours
  • Richard Dunk discussing procedures with FR systems at start line
  • Mick Wall in discussion regarding server loads on Striders website as a result of entries being denied for Percy Pud
  • Faster runners with a 30-minute time for 10k required for Percy Pud
  • 2015 overspend predicted to be approimately £3000 due increase in training, kit and race fee costs. Recommendations needed for cost savings or income increases.
  • Competition news – Richard Pegg organising cross country teams. Striders to host a 5 mile SYCCA event at Rother Valley. Steel City mile event went well.
  • More run leaders required for Hillsborough and Heeley venues
  • Round Sheffield Relay organisation for next year in hand

November 2015

3 November at the Broadfield pub. What busy lives folks have, with 5 committee members, Stewart Robinson, Sam Needham Tony Horestead, James Hunter and Jennifer Rich unable to attend.

Percy Pud discussion was long with Richard Dunk updating on entry numbers from Up and Running, shoe sponsorship, obtaining faster runners, different coloured numbers according to ability, runner information for this year’s event (to be sent out on 16 November), pudding delivery, use of Julian’s car as lead car, Dave Palmer organising pacers, PA system to be adjusted after being too loud previously, Andy G organising a van.

Once again the above is a reflection on the hard work done by Richard and his team!

  • Strider Nick Portus is out of hospital but has been advised not to run again. This for Nick must have been real bad news. Here’s hoping the lad has a good life in the future!
  • Extensive discussions around income and expenses, i.e. Subs, operating expenses, EA fees
  • New scoring system for club Road Race Championship is working well
  • Nick Burns is taking over Long Distance Strider
  • Richard Pegg organising teams and entries for Cross Country, Road Race and Fell Race Championships
  • Championship races for 2016 will be selected by Tony Horestead, Mick Wall and Andy Buck
  • Monday slow group going well under leadership of Jill Davies
  • Use of High Viz is essential
  • Jill Davies and Mir Jansen have attended Run Leaders courses, Matt Rimmer to attend next one
  • Mick Wall and Phil Howson propose to attend coaching courses
  • Agreed that under 16s couldn’t attend training sessions even if accompanied by a parent
  • FRA guidelines to be followed regarding kit worn on Unofficial head torch runs
  • 8 men’s and 7 ladies’ teams took part in the Round Sheffield event. Sheffield AC and Totley Ladies were respective winners. Alistair Lawson the only competitor in the Ultra Race.
  • Nick Burns and Mir Jansen to recruit teams for 2016
  • Christmas social on 19 December at the Yellow Arch studios
  • Winter Curry run planned for end of November
  • Agreed that a club calendar would not be produced for next year
Steel City Striders in race kit posing for a pre-race photo

Striders at Barnsley 10k, November 2015

December 2015

1 December at the Old Dairy on Broadfield Road.

More Percy Pud discussion: Sheffield boxer Kell Brook to run; high winds at Loxley could cause a problem with the tents; excess water on the field, sand could be needed; numbers posted out; lead car organised; pacers to meet at 9:00 for T-shirts; start signs made; champagne, trophies, parking cones, van and puddings will be taken on Saturday; marshals e-mailed with instructions; pudding handlers will be needed to assist with toilets and start area; water and skip organised; residents have agreed to move cars from Plough car park in exchange for a meal at that pub; majority of payments made; 500 magazines, 400 pens and 4000 pieces of rock have been donated.

I’m sure that everyone reading this part of the club history will agree what a tremendous operation this is to organise the race. Again a big well done to Richard and his team of volunteers.

  • The following names were entered into the draw for entry into the 2016 London Marathon: Ross Drayton, Dawn Jackson, Richard Sands, Michael Twigg, Steve Helmore, Kevin Rains, James Rose, Andy Green, Aiden Minton and Ian Blackburn
  • The following members have agreed to stand for election for the 2016 committee: Norma Parkes, Stewart Robinson, Nancy Stuart, James Hunter, Luigi Cazzato, Adrian Moss, Mick Wall, Andy Buck, Richard Pegg, Bob Pringle, Nick Burns and John Kilcoyne
  • Treasurer reporting – accounts presented and looking healthy! Increase in club subs for 2016 agreed. Concerns have been expressed re: cost of champagne and trophies
  • Competition matters – minor changes to choice of races for 2016 club Road Race Championship. Andy Buck to choose races for Fell Race Championship. One more race to go in the SYCC Cross country Championship with the club in with a chance of promotion. Yorks Champs CC race will be held at Lightwater Valley, Richard Pegg to organise teams as well as organising teams for the northern and National events.
  • Training, coaching and venues – Accelerate, the Attercliffe-based running shop, have organised courses on behalf of EA to which all run leaders have attended. Further EA funded courses to take place. Club website updated with details of of run leaders and coaches. Jen Rich has stepped back with Bob Pringle to be involved. A discussion on whether a survey was needed for coaching requirements. The Autumn 5k to 10k course has finished down to 7 participants from 16 starting. The Hillsborough training venue proving popular with 40 in the group last week.
  • Buffet for AGM to be booked
  • New Year run around Ladybower to be advertised
  • 20 members attended the curry evening
  • Tickets for Xmas party at the Yellow Arch Studios will be £15
  • Mick Wall reported that Bandwidth issues for the Percy Pud website have been sorted
  • Club member John Armitage has suggested a “swap shop”. Committee agreed on the idea but said it wasn’t feasible unless John was prepared to organise it.

Women’s records – road

  • Carol Beattie, female veterans over-60 category, ran the Doncaster 5k in 23:25.

Men’s records – road

  • David Palmer, male veterans over-40 category, ran the Rotterdam Marathon in 2:28:39.
  • Barry Gyte, male veterans over-60 category, ran the Retford Half Marathon in 1:27:44

January 2016

Now into 2016 and the history continues. 1st committee meeting of the year was on 19 January at the Broadfield pub.

  • At the forthcoming AGM, club Treasurer Adrian Moss is to introduce a motion seconded by Stewart Robinson regarding an increase in subscriptions
  • Adrian has attended an EA-funded course on club structure and finance. The outcome was that there is no need for club to implement any changes.
  • Percy Pud accounts finalised, donations to charity will be £2500
  • Percy Pud costs have risen so the contingency fund against Percy Pud risks to be maintained
  • The club is getting value from EA with courses for members funded by EA
  • Club is spending more on coaching
  • For 2015 there is a surplus of approx £2500 with an increase in membership of 140: there are now 408 members including 3 honorary and a small number of second claim
  • 1st SYCAA 5-mile event of the year is on the Wednesday before Easter. New SY rules state that the club will be allocated 90 places out of a maximum of 500. Nick Burns to indicate to members the need to pre-register
  • 2 teams had competed at Lightwater Valley in the Yorks Cross Country
  • Teams will compete in the Northern event on 30 January and the National at Donnington Park on 27 February
  • Dave Palmer has organised a marathon seminar for 21 January, all 50 places taken!
  • Coaching and Running Fitness courses will be taken by Mick Wall, Steph Street and Jill Davies. There are currently 3 coaches, Bob Pringle, Pete Brown and Ian Stinson.
  • Matt Rimmer to attend Leadership course
  • Insufficient leaders for fast groups at Hillsborough
  • Buffet has been organised by John Crossland for AGM
  • Barry Gyte to step down after club 10k
  • Discussion re: recognition of Alistair Lawson’s course record for solo running of Round Sheffield Ultra
  • Confirmation of dates for club events
  • Richard Pegg to take over Social Secretary role from Andy Green
  • Club constitution update – Andy Buck to revise with input from other committee members

2016 Annual General Meeting

The 2016 AGM was again held at the Nether Edge Bowling Club. 50 members attended.

  • Annual report for 2015 presented and accepted
  • Contribution of marshals at Sheffield Way Relay acknowledged
  • Queries arose about the cost of club kit. Meeting informed how difficult it would be to get a new supplier.
  • Questions re: where club money is kept considering interest rates and what is an ideal reserve of cash
  • Financial report and balance sheet accepted. Barry Wiles to continue as Auditor.
  • Motion received and considered re: new membership fees. Motion passed.
    List of nominees for the committee approved and accepted.

Notices re the following made:

  • SYCAA have capped the number of entries for each club in the 5-mile race series. Striders have been awarded 90 places.
  • Suggestion that members car-share when going to the 5-mile events to cut down on adverse effects on localities
  • The club was thanked for providing transport to various cross country events
  • The Club Constitution to be updated in 2016
  • Vouchers from the Attercliffe shop Accelerate were auctioned. The winning bid was £108 by Paul Stuart.

Some comments from the 2015 Annual report:

  • 401 members of whom 125 are Ladies
  • 147 new members gained in the year
  • 138 club members ran in the Sheffield Half marathon
  • Dave Palmer sets new club marathon record with a time of 2:28:42
  • Jennifer Rich sets new club marathon record for the Ladies (3:11:29) and a new 20-mile record of 2:21:57
  • 77 members competed in the club’s first Parkrun cup
  • Steel City mile revived
  • 156 complete the Salt Cellar Fell Race
  • 2200 Percy Pud places sold in 2 hours. 2090 complete the race.
  • 65 000 website visits, 210 000 page views
  • 850 Facebook group members, 1100 Twitter followers
  • New Mailchimp service for all club e-mails

February 2016

Committee meeting on 16 February at The Ale House on Fraser Road.

  • Percy Pud event went well!
    • 2450 entries accepted with 2090 finishing
    • Future anticipated problems on field because of wet ground conditions
    • Marquee now not big enough
    • Urinals did not get sufficient use to order that number for future race
    • St John Ambulance team advised to be present in particular areas
    • Pudding distribution found to be chaotic. New area design for this year’s race. Must ensure children aren’t present in that area.
    • Disappointing winning time. Club secretaries to be contacted in an effort to bring in faster runners.
    • Pacers and allocation of starting positions worked well
  • Chair’s report:
    • Yorks Vet affiliation fee paid for the year
    • Dave Palmer to join Hallamshire Harriers and remain 2nd claim member with Striders
    • Comments discussed re: any initiatives to help members improve their race times
    • Places funded for a one day course. Nicky Spinks organised.
    • 6 members have expressed an interest in running the Bob Graham Round and competing in Ultra Fell Races
  • Finance matters:
    • Change proposed to cheque signatories
    • An additional deposit account may be opened
    • Andy Buck questioned the club’s reserve policy. Adrian to bring suggestions to next meeting.
  • 100 members have asked for entry to SYCAA 5-milers. The club has been allocated 90 entries, but may have the opportunity to request more.
  • Training, coaching and venues:
    • Nancy Stuart presented the results of a questionnaire which had been completed by 97 members, standout points being the value of seminars for specific events and the wish for more 10l and half marathon training and nutrition advice
    • Popularity of Chaucer track training to be placed on a formal footing
    • Two 5k to 10k courses at Hillsborough and Millhouses have been arranged to start in April
    • More members will take part in Run Leaders course
    • Alisdair Menmuir will do the Fell Run Leaders course
  • Events:
    • Race manual for Percy Pud being prepared
    • Dean Young to be race director of Salt Cellar event on 5 August
    • Striders 10k – Barry Gyte to step down, another race director required
    • Track meeting – Andy Buck to meet with Pete Brown re: possibility of arranging an event in the school holidays
  • Social:
    • A get-together on the first Wednesday in March at the New Barrack Tavern
    • A board games night arranged at Fagans on 24 March
    • Coming up – Basketball tournament at Hallamshire squash and tennis club, also a ten pin bowling night
    • Xmas celebration – dates available to be checked
    • Curry night later in the year to be organised.

Noticeable in much of the above the intention of giving members the opportunity to attend courses covering various running disciplines. A far cry from years gone by and a positive step forward!!

March 2016

The Robin Hood pub at Millhouses was a change of venue for the Committee meeting on the 15 March.

  • Members from the committee have attended the SYCAA committee meetings from the very early days of the club. James Hunter volunteered his time to attend a meeting on 18 of April.
  • Finance – A reserves policy of £35 000 to be reviewed annually
  • Liability insurance policy is being renewed, also personal accident cover which is also included in EA affiliation fee
  • 97 members have applied for the 90 places available to the club for the 5-mile Road League
  • Dave Palmer has put together an elite team for the Sheffield Way Relay
  • No interest in the Northern Relays at Sunderland
  • 4 members to do Leaders in run Fitness course at EIS
  • Training workshop to be held at Nether Green Bowling club taken by Bob Pringle
  • Events organised and planned:
    • Striders 10k 1 July
    • Get together at The New Barrack Tavern after first Wednesday run of the month
    • Board games night booked for 24 March at Fagan’s pub
    • Racketball tournament at Hallamshire squash and tennis club
    • Ten Pin Bowling night
    • Xmas social possibly using the same format as last year

April 2016

Again a change of venue for the Committee meeting on 12 April at the Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • Noted that there was a good turnout of members in the Sheffield Half Marathon and good feedback on pacers who were all Striders
  • Some discussion re: any vulnerable adult members
  • Problems with delivery of Buffs
  • Nothing significant with finance
  • All membership details updated via Facebook
  • Minor problem with payment of EA fees
  • 115/120 members not renewed, some still entering races as club members
  • Reminders to be communicated re: Round Dronfield Relay and Dam Flask Relays
  • Request to go out for volunteer to take over organisation of Striders 10k from Barry Gyte
  • Request to go out for volunteers for the Sheffield Special Olympics in 2017
  • 69 members ran the first SYAA 5-mile event at Lodge Moor
  • Members being encouraged to enter Round Dronfield Relay and Striders 10k
  • 2 new 5–10K courses have started. 11 participants at Hillsborough and 8 at Millhouses.
  • Issue pending with leadership in running courses
  • Bob Pringle’s training workshop was a success. With 35/40 attending
  • Fell taster session to be repeated
  • Small number of members to attend a course on ultra races
  • Post-race social for club 10k to be at Anglers Rest at Bamford
  • Post-race social for Round Dronfield Relay will be at the Victoria pub in Dronfield
  • Help being sorted for Salt Cellar Fell Race
  • In contact with John Crossland re: Round Sheffield Relay
  • Pete Brown to be contacted about a track evening
  • Discussion required re food for Striders 10k social
  • Some urban evening runs suggested
  • SYCAA cross country dates are on website but no venues yet
  • Bus organised for the North Lincs Half Marathon on 15 May

May 2016

The 10 May meeting again at the Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • Nothing to report from the Chair and Secretary
  • Treasurer produced a financial report and noted that 80/100 members have not yet renewed
  • Membership details in order on website
  • Some new members still to be registered with EA
  • Normal process re: members not renewing to be followed
  • 2 members attended session for visually impaired. Mick Wall involved.
  • Club records updated to include V65 and V70 women and men
  • Cross country taster session to be organised in Summer/Autumn
  • Bob Pringle’s training workshop to be repeated
  • Congratulations to Mick Wall for winning photo competition in Fell Runner magazine
  • Club member Phil Skelton won Holymoorside 10k
  • Club members performing well in SYAA 5-mile events
  • 45 members expressed interest in Dam Flask Relay
  • John Crossland asking for feedback re: teams and recces for Sheffield Way Relay. An attempt to be made to organise a strong female team.
  • Courses for Leaders in Run Fitness now sorted
  • Stewart Robinson to investigate that all DBS checks are up to date
  • Alasdair Menmuir has requested to attend a fell coaching course
  • Mick Wall has proposed another Thursday evening speed session to be led by Bob Pringle. A rota of volunteers will be required for a 10 week trial. Pete Brown to be involved!
  • Adrian Moss is now venue rep for Graves
  • Barry Gyte has everything in hand for Striders 10k
  • Richard Pegg organising post-event social
  • Andy Buck to speak with Dean Young re: Salt Cellar event
  • Doubtful that track evening will go ahead
  • Social – Night at the Dogs booked, although poor response
  • 25 attended Springvale Spirals
  • Awaiting cost for Curry evening
  • Park Run, rounders and picnic in Clumber Park on 11 June
  • Racketball tournament to be arranged
  • Club have agreed to host a SYAA 5-mile event possibly at Lodge Moor next year
  • Could be a club involvement in the Sheffield Cliffhanger event

June 2016

Meeting on 4 June at Norton Oakes Cricket Club. 5 committee members offered apologies for non attendance. Meeting chaired by Adrian Moss.

  • Errors by EA re: e-mail addresses have been resolved
  • A discussion re: Junior Parkrun. Should the club offer financial support? Speaking to members of other clubs about this.
  • No progress on Track evening. Suggested Striders could join in with Sheffield RC.
  • Clarification given re: processing an application for membership and receipt of payment
  • Accounts updated and hard copies available at this meeting
  • Stock of green shorts to be offered at half price. This info will be added to club website.
  • Membership list amended to show new members. Members have 6 months grace before they are taken off membership list, also EA membership will lapse after this time.
  • E-mails received from members wishing to participate in 5–10K courses to be forwarded to Nancy Stuart and Mick Wall
  • Last call to be made for entries to Dam Flask Relays and purchase of discounted shorts
  • Round Rotherham details received and will be placed on Facebook
  • 46 interested in Dam Flask Relays, unfortunately only from 7 female members
  • Alastair Menmuir to attend a Fell coaching course
  • The evening introduction to fell running was a success
  • 5–10K course completed
  • New session at Hillsborough on Thursday evenings
  • Members need to be reminded of more self-discipline at the Dam Flask Relays in the changeover area
  • Funding obtained from EA for more coaching from Accelerate (the Attercliffe-based shop)
  • 107 orders received for T-shirts. Order to be placed with Scimitar.
  • Striders 10k – James Hunter to marshal at halfway point
  • James to contact Barry Gyte re: measuring the course
  • Richard Pegg has organised post-race buffet at the Anglers Rest at Bamford
  • Louis Wood will get confirmation of team organisation for Dronfield Relay
  • Dean Young to be invited to next meeting to discuss Salt Cellar event
  • John Crossland needs to know number of teams for Sheffield Way Relay by end of June
  • Social – 15 attended curry night; Spirals receive good support; 14 dined out at Castleton; Tipsy Strider a new event; Proposed Clumber Park visit received poor response; food booked for Striders 10k; Superstars on 2 July 2 (no details of what this is!?); racketball tournament and Christmas social to be arranged.
  • James Hunter to attend next meeting of SYAA where 2016 race series will be reviewed and plans for 2017 discussed. Striders will offer to organise a race from Lodge Moor.

July 2016

12 July meeting at Norton Oakes Cricket Club. Members present Andy Buck, Adrian Moss, Luigi Cazzato, James Hunter, John Kilcoyne, Nick Burns, Nancy Stuart, Louis Wood, Richard Pegg and Mir Jansen. Apologies from Norma Parkes, Stewart Robinson, Mick Wall and Bob Pringle.

  • Agreed the club offer £1000 towards Junior Parkrun at Graves Park on condition that other clubs also offered financial support and that credit will be given
  • Treasurer Adrian Moss reported a loss of £3900, normal for time of year. Expected profit from Percy Pud in December.
  • Stewart Robinson informed that EA has been paid for 353 members. He is still chasing a few outstanding.
  • Louis Wood suggested an extra communications e-mail address for race results so that Nick Burns can forward these on to the other Striders who have offered to help keep track of results and post these to Facebook
  • Nick Burns reported that Striders 10k had 79 runners and was a successful event
  • At the Dam Flask Relay, 52 men and 15 ladies ran. Senior ladies came 3rd with senior men in 6th and vet men in 2nd place in their respective categories.
  • 6 Striders teams organised for Sheffield Way Relay and 4 Ultra runners, Steve Clarke, Ben Heller, Nick Burns and Martin Goldsack
  • Keith Binney representing SYAA has enquired about the level of interest from Striders in order to assess numbers required. Striders will suggest we organise the 5-mile event at Rother Valley next year.
  • Richard Pegg mentioned need to organise cross country season races.
    He also suggested that instead of a Strider Taster session we could organise a cross country race.
  • Andy Buck mentioned the Fell Race championship to be held in Scotland. He will contact members to see if someone will organise a team and transport.
  • Mick Wall has obtained funding from EA to support coaching sessions for current run leaders. 12 attended.
  • Richard Clamp and Roger Watson have completed the the leadership course and will resurrect the slow group from Graves on a Wednesday
  • Strength and speed session at Hillsborough is not well attended, but feedback is good
  • Matt Rimmer has asked to go on coaching course and Vicky Hawkins has asked to go on run leader course to which the committee agreed
  • Nancy Stuart suggested 2 more 5k to 10k groups from both sides of the city to start in October in the run up to Percy Pud
  • Luigi Cazzato reminded the committee of the need to find a replacement for Barry Gyte who is to step down from organising the Striders 10k
  • Salt Cellar Race nearing organisation. Simon Wiles is organising marshals and numbers, Dean Young is organising prizes, drinks and cakes. Steve Hargreaves will carry out timings.
  • Simon Wiles to organise numbers for Round Sheffield Way
  • Richard Pegg reported that Tipsy Strider took place on 23 June for the first time. Numbers entered were low, but the event was well received.
  • Poor attendance for Clumber Park run on 25 June
  • Striders 10k post-race buffet went well
  • Future events – Spiral on 11 August. Elephant Herd Trail 1 September. And another Spiral on 16 September.
  • Suggestions for future social events – Racketball tournament, games night and Superstars event
  • Last year’s Christmas event went well at the Yellow Arch Studios, will use the same venue this year. Andy Buck suggested that the club funded the event.
  • Club approached to organise marshals and man one water station for new Sheffield 10k. Committee in agreement.

September 2016

No August meeting. Meeting on 13 of September at Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • Andy Buck has contacted other clubs for donations for setting up Junior Park Run in Graves Park
  • A long list of updates re: Percy Pud. Reading through, as usual Richard and his team appear to have everything in hand!!
  • Norma Parkes, club secretary, reports no information available yet regarding London Marathon guaranteed entries. Also that at next years AGM a new constitution will be presented and voted on.
  • Andy Buck to draft new constitution
  • Treasurer produced updated accounts. Current deficit will be covered by profits from Percy Pud. Subs will not be increased for 2017 despite increase in EA fees.
  • Yorks Vets cross country – 19 runners wish to take part. Mini coach booked. New flag, tents and gazebo will be taken.
  • Dates announced for SY Cross Country League at Norfolk Park, Kiveton Community Woodland, Cannon Hall and Spinkhill. The Norfolk Park races will be hosted by Striders.
  • Northern Cross Country Relays 22 October in Graves Park. National at Berry Hill on 5 November. Sheffield Open in Graves Park 17 December. Other events at Lightwater Valley, Knowsley and Wollaton Park.
  • No response from members for National Fell Relays
  • Striders OK to host one of the 2017 SY Road League events if suitable location is found
  • Club members notified about 2 courses offered by EA. Endurance and Skills movement.
  • Good attendance at the Thursday evening session at Hillsborough
  • 18 signed up so far for 5k to 10k course. Richard Dunk agreed to hold back some Percy Pud places for those participants.
  • 18 teams entered Round Sheffield Relay, 6 of whom are Striders. John Crossland has surveyed the course. John to organise post-race buffet at the Nether Edge Bowling Club. 3 runners, Nick Burns, Martin Goldsack and Steve Haake to run the Ultra.
  • Salt Cellar – 162 finished. Profits donated to charity. Luigi Cazzato to ask Dean Young for an event report.
  • Social – August Spiral went well. A new event will be the Elephant Herd Trail. Striders will match money on the night collected to donate to Sheffield Children’s hospital. Rounders then food at the Mad Greek. Games night on 8 September. Wharncliffe Sider with Rose Paired Relay 6 November. Christmas social at Yellow Arch 16 December – Andy Davies will give presentation of the highlights of 2016. Andy Green to organise the disco. Mexican Street Food to be booked. As you will read, the social events are a much loved feature of the club! A variety of events and locations, most are well attended. Some hard work by club members, especially Richard Pegg.
  • Sheffield Way Relay teams asked to recce the race legs. John Crossland asked for volunteers to clear overgrown paths.
  • Club will call out for more participants for 5k to 10k course. 6 people and and 8 at Millhouses currently. More can be catered for.

October 2016

Meeting on the 11 October at the Norton Oakes Cricket club. A poor attendance with Andy Buck, Nick Burns, Mir Jansen, Louis Wood, James Hunter, Richard Pegg and Bob Pringel absent. Folks have busy lives outside of Striders.

  • AGM venue confirmed at Nether Edge Bowling Club. Buffet booked for 50. Motions and committee nominations organised.
  • Treasurer reported that the club is still financially healthy.
  • 28 members still not responded re: renewal/resignation. Will now go on EA’s lapsed list and hence will not be able to join another club. Considerable leeway to these members has been given!
  • Louis Wood reported that no complaints re: communications
  • Sheffield Way Relay once again a success. 6 Striders teams. Clean sweep of the silverware and some records broken in process.
  • 2 latest 5k to 10K courses started with 42 people having registered across 2 sites
  • 16 members attended XC taster at Norfolk Park
  • Roger Watson and Mick Wall will attend EA courses
  • Concern expressed over Alisdair Menmuir who had attended a coaching course paid for by Striders, but wasn’t offering to coach any club members. Suggested Andy Buck speaks with him!
  • Dean Young to present Salt Cellar report at next meeting
  • 18 teams took part in Round Sheffield Relay + 4 Ultra runners
  • Organisation of first XC race in Norfolk Park which Striders are hosting is ongoing
  • South Yorkshire Police contacted re: attendance at Percy Pud
  • Mick Wall to speak with Richard Dunk about a fallback position if FRS website fails again when online entries are being processed
  • Good attendance of members for the Elephant Herd Trail run
  • Negative report re: the Rounders and Food event at Endcliffe and the Mad Greek
  • Games night at Fagan’s not well attended, but an enjoyable evening
  • September Spirals well attended. Next Spirals on 14 October.
  • Wharncliffe Sider with Rosie Paired relay on 6 November
  • Xmas do at the Yellow Arch Studios on 16 December
  • Racketball tournament to be arranged. Superstars, Curry night and Urban Orienteering event being discussed.
  • Adrian Moss suggested that the Christmas event should be subsidised by the club.Richard Pegg to submit a budget for this event.
  • Good response from Volunteers for Norfolk Park SY Xcountry event which the club are hosting
  • Mir Jansen reported that the club trip to Budapest was a success due to the work of Richard Pegg
  • Meeting concluded that participants in club training should be 18+
  • Question asked regarding when will Barry Gyte canvass for Percy Pud volunteers
  • An e mail to be sent out reminding members they should volunteer rather than run
  • Brief discussion on topics to be raised at next meeting

November 2016

Meeting on 15 November at Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • Norma Parkes suggested we ask Ian Shepherd to give a presentation at the AGM of the twinning with the Opelaner running club in Germany.
  • Luigi Cazzato on behalf of Dean Young reported on the Salt Cellar event. £375 donated from the event to Edale Mountain Rescue and £127 to Mossienet photography.
  • Proper accounts needed for next year’s event
  • What awards are to be made at the AGM. £20 vouchers for category winners from Frontrunner.
  • A brief annual report to be presented by Andy Buck
  • Percy Pud update:
    • Ellish McColgan and Mohamed Abu Riaz will take part, also some female runners capable of 34/35 minute times
    • BBC presenter Harry Gration will run
    • Runner information to go out next week
    • Road closures discussed with the council, photographic evidence will be produced of the locations of signs etc.
    • New procedures in place with the police, cost not known
    • All supplies bought including puddiings
    • Extra 96 volunteers have come forward
    • Meeting with marshals next week
    • Street drains on course to be cleared by council. This is in anticipation of flooding.
    • Letter gone out to all members of the public affected on race day
    • John Burkhill in attendance to sign copies of his book ‘A man with a pram’

It’s essential I feel within this history to keep recognising the work carried out over the year by Richard Dunk and his team, in financial terms and to ensure the club can carry on as it does the hosting of Percy Pud is more than vital!!

  • Andy Buck,Club Chair, gave an update on the club constitution with suggested amendments i.e. Members shoud be 16 years or older but 16–18 should be accompanied by a responsible person; 2nd claim members to be eligible for all championships
  • Andy Buck to contact Tom Nuttgens re: him talking about the Run together initiative
  • Alasdair Menmuir to organise an aspect of fell running in the Spring
  • Nat McHugh, Paul Reeve, Thomas McCart and John Maples were succesful in the draw for places in the 2017 London Marathon. Paul Johnson, Kate Kelly, Matt Rimmer and Jason Brannan were drawn as reserves.
  • Allof the 2016 committee are standing for next year
  • Richard Pegg undertaking a club kit audit
  • John Kilcoyne will take on role of race director for Striders 10k
  • Treasurer reports the club is financially secure and suggests there is an increase in charitable donations from Percy Pud profits
  • Facebook site up to date with membership, now approximately 460
  • Message to go out in January reminding members that subs are due. Nonpayment does not equate to resigning: formal resignation is required
  • Club registration with EA is £100 per annum
  • Updated constitution to be circulated to members for discussion prior to the AGM
  • Stewart Robinson to contact John Rothwell to ask who John gave the club track and field records to
  • Decisions pending on races to be chosen for 2017 Fell Championship and Road Race Championship. Possible a Cross Country Championship could be organised.
  • Run and drink at Wharncliffe Side was a success. Agreed to make this a proper event.
  • Spirals proving popular
  • Members asking for other orienteering events after success of Elephant Trail
  • A Street Art event is possible
  • Is there to be a club curry at the Everest in the spring?
  • Organisation of Christmas event on 16 December, all in hand! To cost £420. Payment method for members under discussion, possibly via PayPal.
  • South Yorks cross country league event at Norfolk Park went well. Club are in 6th position and just out of relegation. In the Yorks Vet event, club won prizes. Yorks, Northerns and Nationals are being advertised to members. Entry and travel organising in hand.
  • Suggested that club members formed into a committee could take over from Keith Binney in organising SY Road League races
  • Barry Wiles has resigned as club auditor. Andy Buck to contact James Fletcher.

No meeting in December 2016

Mens records – Road

Barry Gyte leads a group of three other Steel City Striders running in the East Hull 20 mile race

Barry Gyte shows (l-r) Adam McAuley, John Armitage and Phil Howson how it’s done

  • Barry Gyte in the male veterans over-60 category ran the East Hull 20 miles in 2:28:06
  • Graham Hague in the male veterans over-65 category set the following records: 35:35 in the 5-mile event at
    Brodsworth; 1:11:41 in the 10 miles at York; 1:38:39 in the Half Marathon at Worksop

January 2017

Meeting on 10 January 2017.

  • Updated constitution discussed. Final draft to be presented at the AGM.
  • Agenda for AGM and 2016 Annual Report modified. Buffet for 50 ordered. Recipients of awards have been informed.
  • Old Striders Hotmail account not accesible. No further action.
  • Latest accounts supplied for meeting. Percy Pud accounts discussed.
  • James Fletcher agreed to be auditor, to be approved at AGM
  • Membership updates on Facebook page, now 456 first claim members
  • Payment of subs reminder sent out
  • Phil Howson ‘policing’ the Strava group
  • Track records to be scanned by James Hunter and archived
  • No dates as yet organised for 2017 events
  • Last Percy Pud recognised as a fabulous race! Richard Dunk’s contribution recognised with flowers and vouchers. Suggested that at the forthcoming AGM, Richard be made an honorary life member.
  • Spirals proving very popular
  • Christmas do went well, ran out of food
  • Orienteering to be set up in warmer months
  • Football match to be organised
  • Striders stay in the top league for South Yorks cross country
  • Yorks cross country well attended. Northern and National events being organised, Yorks Vets in March.
  • Hats being made for AGM, on sale at £5 each
  • Secretary to undertake audit of club property
  • Framed certificates to be prepared for members who have broken club records

2017 Annual General Meeting

The 35th Annual General Meeting was held on 26 January at the Nether Edge Bowling Club.

  • 50 members attended
  • The following names for consideration for the club committee for 2017: Norma Parkes, Adrian Moss, Louis Wood, James Hunter, Stewart Robinson, Luigi Cazzato, Mick Wall, Nancy Stuart, Richard Pegg, Bob Pringle, Nick Burns, John Kilcoyne, Mir Jansen
  • No objections raised to the above names, all approved unanimously!
  • Barry Wiles has stepped down as Auditor and James Fletcher will take his place. Agreed that a token of appreciation of the work carried out by Barry to be sent to him.
  • The current constitution, last amended in 2008, has been reviewed by the committee. A new draft constitution was circulated to members at the meeting for comments. No questions raised and the new constitution was unanimously approved.
  • Jorge Bronze had worked out all the winners of the various trophies which were presented
  • Mir Jansen presented framed certificates to members who had broken exisiting distance and age records
  • A proposal to award life membership to Richard Dunk in recognition of his work in organising the Percy Pud 10k was unanimously approved
  • Attached with AGM minutes is a detailed Annual Report
  • Here are some of the outstanding achievements from 2016:
    • Mark Gray was first male veteran over-40 and Graham Hague first male veteran over-65 along with Striders Veterans men winning the team prize in the South Yorks 5-mile Road League
    • 142 Striders completed the Sheffield Half Marathon
    • Jill Davies won the Hallam Chase ladies’ race
    • Helen Eberlin was the Yorkshire Vets cross country female veteran over-65 champion
    • Phil Skelton won both the Chesterfield and Clowne Half Marathon events
    • Sian Evens ran the Forence Half Marathon in 3:03:24 breaking Mary Picksley’s 24-year-old club record
    • Graham Hague set 4 male veteran over-65 club records
    • Eilish McColgan and Mohammad Abu-Rezeq set new course records in the Percy Pud 10k
    • The club had 1844 Twitter followers, 1457 Facebook members and 315 in the club Strava group
    • The club donated over £6000 to charities and good causes

February 2017

Meeting on the 28 February 2017 at Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • Percy Pud feedback
    • Larger marquee used
    • Changes to funnel area
    • St John’s Ambulance and police did not bring agreed numbers
    • A complaint that there had been professional runners completing which was untrue!
    • Timing chip to be integrated into race number
    • Thought to be given to celebrating the 25th anniversary of the race taking place in December 2017. Ideas to be discussed at the June meeting.
    • All charity donations made
  • Updated Constitution to be placed on club website
  • All 2016 committee members to retain roles for this year
  • 28 new members in February, 20/25 applications still to be dealt with
  • John Lewis voucher for £50 to be given to Barry Wiles in appreciation of his work as club auditor
  • £100 to be paid for use of cricket club by committee
  • James Hunter scanning Track and Field records
  • SY 5 mile Road League.
    • Andy Buck, Richard Pegg, Mir Jansen and Nick Burns together with SYCAA officials discussed roles and tactics for forthcoming season
    • Nick Burns has contacted each venue rep detailing requirements
    • Key item is for Richard Pegg to obtain licence
    • Sub-group to meet local organisers prior to events and if necessary check course
    • 500 race numbers is maximum allowed. 550 requests received!
    • Spreadsheets to be completed with runners’ names
    • Nick Burns in possession of the SYCAA laptop for recording numbers and finishing times
    • Keith Binney to be contacted re: payment for numbers and vouchers
    • Mir Jansen to investigate video footage of race finishes
    • Richard to contact SYCAA website manager to have a direct link to SCS website where a PDF information pack will be available
    • Louis Wood to speak re: creating a dedicated page for the SYCAA 5-mile road race series
    • An emergency back-up of kit should be made available
    • SYCAA to provide officials for finish and results
    • Find if water to be provided at end of races
    • Decide upon method of reimbursement of expenses

April 2017

No meeting in March. Meeting on 4 April 2017 at Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • Donation of £250 in view of the large number of runners who took part in the free Trust 10 at Longshaw which was part of SCS fell race series
  • Stewart Robinson to send out reminder for subs to be paid
  • Insurance cover provided by EA membership means that personal injury insurance and that for directors and officers of the club is not required
  • EA have been paid £100 for SCS to be registered. £14 payment for each club member can now take place.
  • Total club membership is 531 that is 515 first claim, 5 second claim, 4 between clubs,
    4 non competitive and 3 honorary. We have had 69 new members since beginning of February
  • Constitution updated on website
  • Track records to be edited
  • Informal Steel City Mile on 17 April
  • Round Dronfield on 16 July
  • 77 numbers issued to club members for South Yorks 5 mile series. Good results for Striders in first race.
  • Club training sessions running smoothly
  • Matt Rimmer on a coaching course
  • Club currently have 7 coaches and 30+ run leaders
  • Week commencing 10 April there are 2 of 5k to 10K courses at Hillsborough and Millhouses
  • For Striders 10k on 7 July, organised by Richard Pegg, pre-registration on website required to ascertain numbers for catering at Anglers Rest
  • John Crossland asked to move date of Sheffield Way due clash with Sheffield 10k
  • Round Dronfield buffet to be booked at the Victoria pub
  • Salt Cellar fell race on 4 August
  • Past events:
    • Spirals proving popular
    • Start of months drinks running OK
    • Gas Lamp Challenge went OK
  • Forthcoming events:
    • Games night on 6 April
    • Racketball tournament coaching/coaching 6 May
    • Seven Hills orienteering and betting pending
    • Tipsy Strider pending
    • Spirals continuing
    • Meal after Sheffield Half Marathon 9 April
    • Football match to be organised
    • Club curry at Everest in Spring pending
  • SYCAA 5 mile issues:
    • Lion’s share of work carried out by Richard Pegg and Nick Burns
    • 500 numbers distributed prior to first race at Lodge Moor
    • This race ran OK due previous organisational experience of Totley
    • Men’s urinal and and portaloos provided
    • Mir Jansen filming finish proved vital as vest numbers of finishers not always clear
    • Slght problems with laptop
    • Loudhailer to be purchased for future events
    • Lead car and and tail cyclist to be organised for next race
    • Agreed to keep with the 4 venues used this year to make organisation of next year’s events
    • Striders’ efforts to keep series going have been appreciated by South Yorks clubs
  • Alastair Menmuir to be approached to take a fell racing taster
  • Louis Wood to organise an Autumn Marathon seminar to involve the experiences of Dave Palmer, Pete Brown and Bob Pringle

May 2017

Meeting on 16 May 2017 at Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • SYCAA 5 mile Road League a great success due work of Richard Pegg, Nick Burns and Mir Jansen
  • Loudhailer has been purchased for use at start of events
  • Issue at final race at Brodsworth due to runners not using toilets provided. Possibility of not using Brodsworth next year.
  • Possibilty of Striders marshalling a race
  • Richard now has password for SYCAA website which will enable faster upload of info and results. Could need help!
  • Planning for 2018 series to start this coming October
  • Several other South Yorks clubs have expressed their appreciation of the work done by Striders
  • £250 donated by SCS to the National Trust to support the Trust 10 monthly run at Longshaw
  • £50 voucher given to Barry Wiles in appreciation of his work as club auditor over many years
  • Yorkshire Veterans Athletic Association are looking for cross country venues and host clubs for 2018 and 2019 championships. Striders will not offer due to involvement with SYCAA 5 mile events. Club open to possible future involvement.
  • New guidelines received from UKA regarding photography particularly at junior events. The club do not have a junior section so was felt unnecessary to circulate wider!
  • Accounts updated:
    • Subs for this year still being received
    • With the relaunch of the Dronfield Walk used by Striders, it was felt appropriate to make a donation to the relaunch fund
    • Club consistently receiving new members. 10 received in April. 102 outstanding renewals
    • Stewart Robinson to send out final payment requests
    • Non-payment after that will result in runners not being registered with UKA and unable to run for the club
  • Potential October Marathon seminar discussed. Mayur Ranchordas, Sheffield Hallam lecturer in nutrition and sports suggested as speaker. Strider Amy Earnshaw is also a nutrionist.
  • Reminer about Damflask Relays to go out
  • Agreed that guest runners could eat with club members after the Striders 10k with a £5 donation
  • Following success of a recent mile time trial at Woodbourn, Pete Brown to organise a 3k time trial
  • Organisers of Buxton Running Festival have contacted Striders promoting events
  • Lizzie Hawker, an ulta runner to give a talk on 7 June
  • 36 men and 17 women have signed up for Damflask Relays
  • Striders 10k just about organised
  • Dronfield relay is in hand
  • First call re: Sheffield Way Relay to be made after Dronfield Relay
  • James Hunter requested to bring Track records to meeting and for James to give them to Louis for inclusion on the club website
  • A fell training session organised. Alasdair Menmuir, Jill Davis and Vicki Hawkins will take a group around Blackamoor. Response has been good.
  • Some talk by Hillsborough regulars of starting runs away from the leisure centre. Comments that this could cause logistical problems.
  • Arches camp people have not replied about Striders sponsoring their presentation night
  • Next batch of bespoke T-shirts have been sent out to members
  • Round Sheffield Relay date to remain as 24 September even though it clashes with Sheffield 10k
  • Food arrangements for post Dronfield Relay to be discussed between Luigi and Adam
  • Luigi to remeasure Striders 10k course after comments it was short of the required distance
  • Salt Cellar all in hand. Dean Young main organiser.
  • Nick Burns to speak with Ben Heller regarding the Sheffield Way Ultra. A number of members have expressed a wish to run.
  • Adam Whitworth to complete risk assessment for Dronfield Relay with assistance from Richard Pegg
  • Past events:
    • Spirals and start of month post training drink still popular
    • Racketball went well
    • Games night not well attended, but enjoyed by those who did
    • Post Half Marathon meal went well with 25 attending
  • Forthcoming events:
    • Seven Hills orinteering and drink to be decided
    • Tipsy Strider orienteer and drink on the 22 June
    • Football match still to be organised
    • Curry at the Everest on 12 June
    • Post-race meal after club 10k booked
  • Road League
    • Thanks to Andy, Nick and Mir
    • Behaviour of runners at Brodsworth to be sorted or may lose that venue. Other venues available, but of course marshals required.
  • Cross country
    • A need to reconsider funding of runners
    • Yorks Vets looking for a venue

June 2017

Committee meeting minutes for June 2017 are not available.

July 2017

Meeting on 18 July at Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • Percy Pud discussion:
    • Loos and marquees booked
    • Race license and puddings organised
    • Chip timing this year on numbers
    • Considering a novelty glass for the 25-year gift
    • Concern expressed about potential for breakage
    • Field booking and police organised. St John’s fee paid.
    • Entry queries: any change in fee? Has date and time been set for online entries to open? Will there be a queuing system? Are Up and Running still sponsoring the race? Will sponsors’ names appear on the race numbers?
    • Charity collection of puddings to be carried out low-key!
    • Been an offer of sponsorship with the use of a Tesla car
    • Richard Dunk absent from meeting, needs to come to September meeting
  • Treasurer reported a healthy position with accounts
  • James Fletcher still to audit 2016 accounts
  • Membership – end of June, messages sent out to non renewing/ resigning members. Stewart Robinson needs to hear from them by end of July. If no response, their names will go on lapsed list with EA. Committee queried whether they could have a list of these members in order to contact them with a reminder.
  • Communications – Possibility of a FAQ page was suggested
  • Competition – Round Sheffield discussed: Dave Palmer organising an A team; Jen Rich to captain a ladies’ team;
    Likely to be a mixed team; Ultra race will take place; Simon Wiles organising a head torch team
  • Dam Flask Relays – 8 teams entered, Men 7th, Vets 2nd, Ladies 1st
  • Striders 10K – Runners who had finished went back down course, causing confusion when they returned over the finish line. Concern over post-race food at the Anglers in Bamford.
  • Northern Road Relays – Good squad required! Message to go out asking for commitment to 16 September and for fastest 5k time. Entry fee and travel expenses to be paid by club.
  • Fell Relay Champs – October in Llanberis. Members asked to express interest.
  • 2018 Road Race Champs – Difficulty in finding suitable races in March, April and May. Sheffield Half Marathon to be included because of its popularity.
  • Training, coaching & venues – Lack of registered leaders at Heeley. Newcomers from 5k to 10k group have had an unsatisfactory first Heeley experience.
  • Run leaders’ Facebook group resurrected
  • James Norton collecting volunteers to take beginners/slower groups. James to create a 2017 rota starting 17 July.
  • Volunteers who come forward to be asked if they wish to attend the LiRF course which is funded by the club
  • Recent LiRF / CiRF updates – Matt Rimmer passed his coaching in running Fitness CiRF; Tony Kerr passed his LiRF. Following are to book on LiRF in coming months: Liam Russell, Steve Irvine, Catherine McKeown, Sally Ann Winslow, Hannah Hunt, Nicole Nield, Hazel Kent, John Ashforth, Michael Squires. Success will give club 40 leaders. Comment that still more required. Can we get more LiRF leaders interested in taking coaching course?
  • Events – Pre season taster in Graves Park in September.
  • Salt Cellar – Marshalls organised Recce groups to go out on course. Steve Hargreaves to attend from his home in Scotland. Pre-registration link to be placed on website. Dean Young to be approached re: having bar codes on next year’s race numbers. Richard Pegg to investigate equipment required.
  • Social
    • Spirals still popular
    • Tipsy Strider poorly attended but enjoyable
    • Mixed response to Curry at Everest
    • Mir to report re: 10k post-race meal
    • Steel City Beer Mile – Friday 21st at Woodbourn
    • Games night, Pitch & Putt, Cricket match and Christmas do to be organised

September 2017

No August meeting. The location of the September meeting on the 19th isn’t recorded.

Trevor Burton

The exemplary response made by the club following the death of Trevor Burton was noted, noted also was the payment for the reception after the funeral. Noted also was Nick Burns selling mugs with all proceeds to the British Heart Foundation. It was agreed that Nick and Adrian would liaise regarding a donation to Welsh Air Ambulance. Book of photos for presenting to Trevor’s family to be organised. Permanent memorial to discuss later in more detail.

  • Percy Pud:
    • Richard Dunk confirmed that all arrangements are going to plan
    • Lessons learned and implemented from last year’s event
    • 2700 entries open for booking from 5pm on 1 October
    • T-shirt design selected, Ashleigh and Alan Brook involved
    • Agreed to include 60–69 and 70+ prize categories for both men and women
  • Finance: Audit of 2016 accounts nearing completion. Audit of 2017 accounts will be completed in early 2018
  • Cross country:
    • Taster went well
    • SY XC entries being received
    • Charge of £2 for each race not completed
    • Yorks, Northern and Nationals – Race fees to be paid by club. Payment back from members who fail to run.
  • South Yorks 5-mile road league:
    • SYCAA yet to confirm that Striders will organise 2018 events
    • Agreed that the club invest in barcode readers for use in SY league and club events
  • Sheffield Way Relay – 19 teams with 5 from Striders, 2 Ultra entries. Social at 5pm at Nether Edge club
  • Emergency contact information:
    • Run leaders to be given contact details of members emergency contact information
    • Members to be reminded to take emergency contact information with them on training runs
    • Draft Guidance document re: procedure in an emergency to be prepared

October 2017

Meeting on 17 October at Norton Oakes Cricket Club.

  • Percy Pud
    • Online entry system worked OK. Some untowards comments on Facebook!
    • Lat year’s winner, Mohamed Abu Riaz, has entered along with an additional elite male runner. Ellish McColgan, last year’s female first place, may run.
    • T-shirts for runners have been ordered
    • Puddings and and champagne delivery organised
    • Trophies being engraved, water has been sorted
    • Barriers sorted and paid for. More durable notices are being made.
    • A Radio Sheffield presenter has entered after running with the 5k to 10k group. Breakfast presenter Toby Foster may possibly start the race and will bring a recording crew with him.
    • Richard Dunk has been interviewed by the 6 magazine who will produce 3–4 pages on the race
    • More marshals required at 3k. Barry Guite to liaise with Mick Wall re: volunteers.
    • Pacers will wear backpacks with flags attached

At this point in the history it is more than worth commenting on the work done by Richard Dunk and his team in bringing everything together for the events over the years to take place. Reading the words about Percy Pud, it can be easily seen just what is involved in bringing each event to fruition. There is a financial gain for the club in hosting the race which is well deserved!

Continuing the committee report:

  • Mir Jensen and Bob Pringle will not be standing for next year’s committee. The 3 year term of the Chairman will be completed in January. Andy Buck is willing to continue. Andy Buck to check constitution as to mechanism for election/appointment of Club Chair.
  • London Marathon guaranteed places allocation will take place in November. Richard Copeland suggested allocating a place to a ‘worthy’ member. This suggestion deemed not practical.
  • Nether Edge Bowling Club to be contacted for AGM booking
  • Presentation medals to be sorted
  • Mir Jensen to prepare certificates for recipients of new club records
  • Luigi Cazzato has prepared an audit of club kit and where stored
  • Committee members and others to be contacted for info on other items paid for by the club. e.g. gazebo and flags
  • A healthy balance reported in club accounts
  • Richard Pegg has received the EA Cross Country handbook
  • Facebook updated with information, membership is now 520+
  • Mick Wall has created a spreadsheet containing emergency contact details which can be accessed by run leaders
  • Provisional date for marathon training seminar is 10 November with a maximum of 40 to attend and a £4 a head buffet. Pete Brown, Dave Palmer, Sian and Jenny to present together with nutritionist from Sheffield Hallam University.
  • Terry Armstrong contacted the club re 70+ club records
  • FAQ section on website working well
  • Andy Buck commented that club teams in the Fell Relays performed well and that more interest should be generated next year
  • Richard Pegg commented that 75 numbers were allocated for the South Yorks Cross Country League. 60 members registered who agreed to pay £2 if not run.
  • Nick Burns completed Round Rotherham Ultra. Relay teams able to take part next year on legs of different length.
  • 2 Cross Country Relay events remain: Northerns at Graves Park on 21 October and Nationals at Berry Hill on 4 November
  • Totley were winners of both male and female races in Round Sheffield Way. Poor turnout of Striders teams due to clash with other events.
  • Suggestion from Jill Davies for 2018 Road Race championships will be discussed when deciding next year’s races
  • Richard Pegg to indicate in an e-mail that 17 December open cross country will be the club championship
  • Mike Richardson and Ian Blackburn will attend the LiRF course
  • Colin Hardy has suggested a speed work taster session
  • 5k to 10k sessions are successful at Millhouses Park but not so at Hillsborough Park. Suggestion that numbers be limited.
  • Salt Cellar event – 201 finishers and new course record. £600 donated to Edale Mountain Rescue. There will be an online entry for the 2018 event. Steve Hargreaves gave an excellent report. Norma Parkes to insert report on Dropbox.
  • A need for a social race in November
  • Christmas do to be discussed. Problems with Yellow Arch. New venue is the Toolmakers. Budget to be confirmed.
  • Mir Jansen in discussion with the Anglers Rest at Bamford re food after Striders 10k
  • Regarding a permanent memorial to Trevor Burton, a decision was made to make a donation to an appropriate charity. Ashleigh Barron to complete memorial book to present to Trevo’s family.
  • Barcode system under investigation for use by club
  • Ridgeway Textiles to be contacted to make sure they are using the best quality material for Striders club vests
  • Andy Buck will modify document on guidance on what to do in an emergency
  • Richard Pegg to arrange e-mail to be sent out to members regarding safety

November 2017

Meeting on the 21st of November at the Norton Oakes Cricket Club. Apologies received from Bob Pringle, Luigi Cazzato, James Hunter, Nancy Stuart, Stewart Robinson, Mick Wall, Richard Pegg and Mir Jansen.

  • Ridgeway Textiles confirmed that the current fabric is the best quality for the club vests. Doug Banks to ascertain interest within the club for an additional vest but not as a replacement.
  • Percy Pud:
    • All race packs sent out
    • Police contacted and club told there were changes to procedures
    • Road closures advertised
    • St John’s Ambulance firstt aid booked
    • Larger marquee for puds and T-shirts
    • 40 Portaloos, Pacers organised, Puds delivered, Water collected, T-shirts delivered
    • 2 vans available on Saturday
    • Course to be inspected on Saturday and on race day
    • 120 volunteered for marshalling, more volunteers needed
    • More publicity after event to highlight donations to local charities
  • Chair Andy Buck has checked the Constitution. He can stand for another 3-year period. Members will be notified. Andy willing to stand again. Any other member wanting to stand should contact Club Secretary Norma Parkes.
  • Guaranteed places for the London Marathon have been applied for but not yet confirmed. Club expects 4 to be allocated. A draw for the places took place. The following names were drawn: Charlie Field, Mat Rimmer Mark Norman Jane Evans; Reserves: Dan Newton, John Bridgeman, Andy Woffindin (withdrawn) Sergei Shkul.
  • Scottish Widows deposit account closed and Nottingham Building Society account to be closed
  • James Fletcher now signed off 2016 accounts. James queried the Percy Pud FR Systems account (N.B.. They waived their fee because of failure of the IT system for online entries. James has issued a certificate.)
  • Norma Parkes noted that in this month’s notification of change of first claim club which is issued by EA, 3 runners had changed to Striders
  • Marathon seminar not to go ahead, unable to find date! Could now be early September 2018.
  • Louis Wood to liaise with Mick Wall regarding a seminar to be held next year which will include an item on nutrition etc with Mia (?) and may be held at Sheffield Hallam University
  • Fell race championships now complete
  • Meeting with Jill Davies to decide on races to be included in Road Race/ Fell championships
  • Provisional dates made for club events, to be confirmed in new year
  • 8 more members to attend LiRf course next February. Club now has 40 run leaders and 7 coaches.
  • Club emergency contact document circulated to Leaders and Coaches
  • Mir Jensen keen on encouraging runners who are beginners from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals to join Striders
  • Proposal from Heather for her to train up in first aid tuition and then provde free of charge training for club members
  • Bar code race timing for Striders seems most appropriate, with the purchase of a club PC and printer
  • Discussion underway re: Christmas do: food options, pay pal account, invites, DJ, prize giving
  • SY 5 mile road league – possible club involvement. Venue and event selection for discussion. Awaiting decision from SYCAA.
  • Cross country – Good turnout for Relay Championships, Ladies secured a good position. Men’s A had a mishap with Alasdair not at the start gate. Striders champs agreed for Sheffield Open on the 10th. Planning underway for Yorks champs, Northern and National.
  • Roger Stevenson commended for his work on the Striders History.

No committee meeting in the month of December

Women’s records – Road

  • In 2017 Helen Eberlin set a record of 2:07:24 in the Sheffield Half Marathon in the female veterans over-70 category

Mens record’s – Road

  • Graham Hague ran a club record of 1:58:28 in the 15-mile event at Banbury in the male veterans over-65 category
  • Terry Armstrong ran a club record of 43:18 in the 5-mile event at Brodsworth in the male veterans over-70 category

Another pause in the history, but there is no pause in the progress of the club !
Another 3 years have been covered, 2015 to 2017. Striders continue to donate cash to various sections of the community from the club account and through the staging of Percy Pud which with the leadership of Richard Dunk and his team is a shining light within the club.

Social events have been well received and supported, a big thanks to Richard Pegg and those who help him with such events as Tipsy Strider and Racketball to name but 2.

The club has been fortunate with its choice of Chairpersons, Andy Buck did more than a good job, an updated constitution was down to him

Club members have taken coaching and leadership courses and passed on their new found knowledge to grateful fellow runners.

Members have given time to organise events such as the Parkruns, beginners’ and 5k to 10k sessions.