Hell On The Humber 6hr Result & Report

Race Date: Saturday 25th March 2023

Race Report by Sarah Storey

This is a bit of a long winded report but before I write my report I need to thank a few members: Nancy Stuart, Richard Pegg, Helen Smith, Ruth Thomas, Laura Fletcher, Peter Keats and Zoe Dickinson; these amazing members have helped me over the winter months and kept me going when I wanted to quit as since I made the decision to retire I’ve struggle massively with my mental health and these amazing people kept me going.

Anyway here goes…

I left entering this race until the 11th hour as I wasn’t sure I wanted to get back into any kind of event but also knew I had to give myself something to aim for so right at the last minute I paid my money and entered.

The date was set I was running on Saturday 25th March 2023 it’s called Hell on the Humber for a reason you run from a check in point situated under the Humber Bridge you run up to the bridge from the Hessle side right over to Barton on Humber circle round a cone and make your way all the way back to the check in point to be ticked off a lap to once again set off again and repeat the whole process this goes on for the time entered this particular day I decided to only enter the 6hr event there was also a 9hr event running too that started at 9am.

So I collected my number and registered and went to sit back in the car ready for the briefing at 11.40am. At the briefing you get told your not allowed any kind of music it’s called endurance for a reason and of course for the safety aspect as the bridge remains open to the public your asked not to relive yourself on the bridge too as there’s cameras constantly recording and no nudity is allowed and of course that you respect your fellow runners and move to the side if asked.

At 12 on the dot Karl (or the ringmaster) as he likes to be called started the race and off we all set. I’d not set myself any kind of target for this race the furthest I’ve achieved in the 6 hours is 28 miles but being as the furthest I’d ran since the start of the year was 8.5 miles I didn’t hold out any expectations but I’d set myself a plan that after every 2nd lap I’d grab a drink and a chocolate brioche from the car this is a self sufficient race and usually there’s a drink tent there as long as you have your own drinking vessel you can buy a hot beverage unfortunately it wasn’t there today so I’d taken a flask.

After my first break I set off again for another 2 laps grabbing a handful of Haribo as these are actually provided for you and made my way onto the bridge again the last 2 laps I’d ran in a t-shirt as it was glorious sunshine but being the Humber Bridge this was not to last and now it was sleet and windy but that wasn’t going to spoil the atmosphere after these 2 laps I was in desperate need of a coffee then I set of again not sure what I’d get done my final go I managed another 2 laps and checked out at 5.50pm with a total of 24 miles completed.

Sarah striking a pose on the Humber Bridge

My oldest son had caught the train up to meet me at the finish. I collected my medal and t-shirt before we made a quick exit to the car running once more through the torrential rain and wind. I got in the car feeling rather smug with myself I was pleasantly pleased with myself at how many miles I covered and how many old friends I had met up with on the bridge once again.

One of the rules I forget to mention is you only need to complete one 4 mile lap every 3 hours to remain in the race otherwise you get disqualified. My next run on the bridge is the 24hour run in august where hopefully I’ll beat my last attempt and get the all important 100 miles and not a meagre 96.

Once again a million thanks to all the above mentioned you really have kept me going and done more for my mental health than you will ever imagine.

93 runners participated in the 6 hour endurance event. Of the men, Chris McClane completed the most laps, managing 10 (40 miles) in the 6 hours. The woman with the highest total was Sophie Granger, with 8 laps (32 miles). No categories or club information is available at time of publishing this report.

Striders Results

Name Laps Miles
Sarah Storey 6 24

Provisional results are available on the Hell On The Humber website.

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