The Sheffield Way Leg Five

Note: These are electronic OCR scans from the original text scans.  They have been proof-read, but they could still contain transfer errors, so please bear that in mind.  Also, as the book is old, the course and surrounding area itself may have also changed over the years.  Basically, this is all provided on a best endeavours basis.

Start: Ford (GR 402804).

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Follow the lower path around the side of the mill pond and continue to follow the path along the valley by the side of the, stream and over two stiles. When the path enters a small wooded area cross the short stone bridge over the stream with a large pipe on the left and take the path up the flight of steps to, the left which climbs up the bank over a wooden stile. Head straight across the field towards the right hand edge of the wood ahead.

On reaching the edge turn into the lane, follow this up to Plumbley. Continue past the buildings at Plumbley, past the T junction in the road. Just shortly after this there is stone stile on the right hand side of the lane at the side of the gate. Climb this stile and continue across the field towards another stile and gateway. Cross this and continue across the next field towards a small wooded area. Cut through the woods and climb up the bank following the line of telegraph poles. Follow the path up and over the hill until it meets a narrow track. Turn left a few yards along the track and then right at the T junction. Drop down this track which quickly turns into a small path and runs down between the new housing of Mosborough.

On reaching the main Mosborough Road called Mosborough Moor, turn left up the road.

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After about 100 yards turn right up Owithorpe Drive into The Beeches estate. Where the estate road bears right enter. Owlthorpe Lane beside Ridgeway Court and then immediately turn left by the Public Footpath sign up the lane between the houses. On reaching the adventure playground go diagonally down through the picnic area to a squeezer stile in the wooden fence and then a gap in the hawthorn hedge in the bottom left corner of the next field. Continue diagonally down the next field on a wider path to reach a gap by a Public Bridleway sign and a junction of 4 paths. Carry straight forward at this point alongside the housing estate on your right, keeping to the main path downhill which soon becomes red tarmacadam.

At the roundabout in the bottom by the Owlthorpe Medical Centre, locate street lamp 090903 immediately opposite and take the narrow path beyond it bearing just left of the midpoint between the two nearest electricity pylons in front of you (NNW if you have a compass).

Cross the rough open ground towards the line of trees to reach Ochre Dike in the bottom, drop down the stone steps, cross the stone bridge and bear right up the path by the houses to Donetsk Way. Beware Supertram when crossing this busy road then climb up the path immediately opposite through the new houses. This is Brook Lane.

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Turn right at the top along Sheffield Road and past the old Hackenthorpe village school. Turn down the first road On the left called Main Street. As can be seen by the buildings, this is the old Hackenthorpe village which was here long before the new housing developments of Sheffield began to spread into Hackenthorpe.
In about 350 yards, just past Hackenthorpe Medical Centre on the left of Main Street, turn right before number 32 down the tarmac footpath and continue down to Birley Spa Lane. Cross over and go down Rainbow Avenue. After about 200 yards down Rainbow Avenue turn down the lane on the left and pass through the gap by the wooden gate. This lane leads into open country and the Shire Brook Valley. Cross the Mosbro’ Link Road by the concrete bridge. Take the footpath sharp right after the bridge and then first left by the Public Footpath sign which leads down to the Shirebrook and a small bridge that crosses the brook. Cross this bridge and climb the steps up towards a small works.
On reaching the minor road turn right and then first left by the Public Footpath sign. Climb the tarmac path towards Woodhouse. On reaching the flats go straight forward between the flats opposite to join Spa Lane at a bus stop. Continue down Spa Lane to the main road. Turn left and cross the road via the underpass. Continue up the slope into the square and note the ancient wooden stocks.

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On reaching the old stocks in the centre of \ moodhouse go straight forward along Cross Street (Poyal pub on left, foodmarket on right) and after a short distance where the street bears left turn right down Vicar Lane. At the end of the lane go down the steep descending track towards the woods. In about 50 yards take the wide footpath that bears left and continue to go steeply down through the woodland area which is Shirtcliffe Wood. About halfway down to the valley bottom cross another path and descend by the stone steps that are provided. Continue to the stream and cross by the white railed bridge. Follow the footpath that ascends steeply by steps up the opposite bank. Continue to follow the footpath and pass through the gap in the hedge and then the fence at the top of the wood into the field beyond. Follow the track ahead across the fields towards Myrtle Bank and on towards Handsworth Church.

On reaching the old stone gate-post take the right hand fork and head directly for the Church steeple. Cross Grange Lane which runs horizontally to the path and go up the narrow overgrown path that runs at the side of the allotment gardens up towards the Church. Keep to the left hand side of the Church passing the Handsworth Parish Centre and up on to Handsworth Road. Cross the very busy Handsworth Road with care and just to the right go down St Josephs Road past the old Presbyterian Church on your right and the old Handsworth School building on your left.
On reaching the Recreation Ground on the right of St Josephs Road take the footpath on the right where the road bears left. Pass between the first house and the Recreation Ground to turn left at the white fence ahead into Finchwell Crescent. Go along
the Crescent and cross Finchwell Road bearing left to turn right into the Public Byeway opposite by the industrial estate.
Continue along this rough track with garages on your left to join Waverley Lane at the far end. Follow the lane with fields on your right and shortly bear right parallel with the Parkway to pass a sports ground and then Waverley Cottages on your right. After a gate the lane becomes a rough track again and drops down to a graffiti-decorated bridge over the railway.

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Cross the bridge and go straight forward on a red shale track. Ignore the red shale track on the right the wooden stile on the left and the second red shale track on the left. Continue along the track parallel with the Parkway for about half a mile to turn sharp left to reach a wooden stile onto the road which passes under the Parkway. (Take care here as this junction is usually busy. The pavement is on the right side as you cross under the bridge.)
Once under the Parkway negotiate (again with care) the roundabout at the far side. Bear left to go up the path by the Public Footpath sign and enter the woodland ahead.
Carry straight forward at the cross path onto the golf course fairway (beware of flying golf balls on this section). Follow the worn path forward across the fairway between two greens towards the treebelt ahead to reach a waymark and a warning sign at the edge of the trees. Continue forward to pass through the treebelt and reach a second waymark at the edge of the next fairway. Continue along the right edge of this fairway to the right of two large bunkers and reach a Public Footpath sign by the airport perimeter fence. Go straight forward between the concrete fence and the perimeter fence to join a yellow shale track. Follow this track forward to climb steadily up and over the hill in front, ignoring the track on the left before the wire fence and the track on the right before the crest of the hill (see the Sheffield Arena and Don Valley stadium over to the west).
Continue on with the fence on your left and drop down to turn left at a crossroad. Bear right at the next junction to turn sharp right after a pond and continue steadily down the hill towards the small industrial estate in front. Cross a wooden bridge in the bottom and continue along the narrowing path alongside the industrial estate boundary fence and through the gorse bushes. On reaching the cleared area, pass across the front of the new building which is at right angles to the way ahead.
Pass through the gate in a tall steel fence (or the gap on the left if the gate is dosed) to reach Barleywood Road, a cul de sac.

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Turn left down the road and cross Greenland Road at the end by the pedestrian crossing. Once over the busy road turn right and carry on along the left hand side for about 200 yards. On reaching a post box opposite Whitbreads Yorkshire depot turn left into Palmer Road. Bear right at the top before the Fiery Fred pub and then carry straight forward (following the bus route) into Coleridge Road.
Continue along Coleridge Road and in about 1/4 mile just before the bridge turn left down onto the canal towpath.
The finish is almost in view here and you go forward and up the steps at the first bridge to get there.
Once over the canal bridge turn left down onto stadium the landing area.
Well done!!!

Finish: Next to canal near to Don Valley Stadium (GR 385889).