The Sheffield Way Leg One

Note: These are electronic OCR scans from the original text scans.  They have been proof-read, but they could still contain transfer errors, so please bear that in mind.  Also, as the book is old, the course and surrounding area itself may have also changed over the years.  Basically, this is all provided on a best endeavours basis.

Start: Next to the Don Valley Stadium Car Park entrance (opposite the junction of Worksop Road and Chippingham Street, GR 383887) 

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From the start area go forward along the path beside the car park for about 350 yards to take the first right turn at the top of the slope after entrance N and cross first the Supertram track and then the canal by two footbridges.

Once over the canal drop down the steps to the left onto the towpath. Continue on the towpath to pass under the Coleridge Road bridge. Bear right before the next bridge up onto Tinsley Park Road and cross over to the left of the canal by the new footbridge.

Continue on the left of the canal for about 1.5 miles passing below several bridges at Broughton Lane (new bridge), Tinsley Locks, Tinsley Wire Industries, Sheffield Road and Tinsley Viaduct. Continue forward on the towpath with the River Don on your left and after 2 locks cross the river by a concrete footbridge. Enter a pleasant wooded area and pass below a railbridge with a metal perimeter fence on your left. Over to your left is the hillside that you are going up and over on your way to Ecclesfield.

Pass below another railbridge where the path narrows. Continue to follow the river bank path until the river turns sharply east over a large weir. Ignore the signed Public footpath at the end of the perimeter fence and in 50 yards take the narrow concealed path sharp left.

The path rises to a footbridge across the railway and then climbs the hill up to Meadowbank Road. On reaching Meadowbank Road turn left and cross over to the right hand side. In 350 yards and about 20 yards before a large advertising hoarding take the narrow path diagonally up the bank to a stile at the top. Climb, the stile and continue up the footpath and then a lane which climbs to Meadowhall Road. Cross the road and climb the bank to the left of the electricity pylon to a gap in the hedge at the top of the bank. Turn right to join a path towards the housing estate at Hill Top.

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Continue to follow the footpath up towards Hill Top and the housing estate keeping the fence on your right hand side, the Roman Ridge dyke being on your right. On reaching the houses continue on the footpath which climbs up towards West Hill at Hill top. Cross over the road and continue along Poucher Street towards open country. Follow the path down by the side of the fence. On the right hand side is Scotland Balk and the trig point.

Note the extensive views on the left of Shiregreen and Woolley Woods. In the distance straight ahead is a view of Kepple’s Column. At the end of the fence turn left down onto Green Lane which is really just a cart track. Drop down Green Lane towards Droppingwell Road. Cross Droppingwell Road (beware of traffic from right and left) and turn left down the road. In about 150 yards turn right along a Public Bridleway. Follow the well defined track up the hill to carry straight forward along a path where the bridleway takes a hairpin right turn. Continue forward along the path through Barber Woods with the attractive rhododendron bushes on the right hand side.

On reaching Thundercliffe Grange follow the metal road on to Grange Lane. Go left and then under the bridge which carries the M1 motorway and immediately afterwards turn right into Peggy Lane. This is just a small track.

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On Peggy Lane continue on the path where it narrows. Ignore the stiles on the left. At the end of Peggy Lane turn right up the farm road. Continue on this road to join Loacher Lane at a bend. Go straight forward down the lane for about 1 mile passing under two railway bridges. At the main road at the bottom turn right. In 50 yards cross the road at Morrisons Superstore and enter Ecclesfield Park. Shortly after entering the Park turn right along the tree lined footpath. On reaching the end of the path cross the road and turn left up Church Street. Ecclesfield Parish Church which is just up on the right and the Ecclesfield Village centre with its old stone houses and pubs is well worth a visit for those who have the time. However we continue up and just after the church turn right up Priory Road.

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The road soon peters out into a footpath that drops down the hillside. On reaching the edge of the wood at a 3-way junction of paths take the well defined left Public Footpath through the edge of the wood following the line of telegraph poles, bearing right in about 50 yards to keep the field in view. In a further 100 yards turn right down the right hand edge of the second field. At the bottom of this field where the main path bears left take the smaller path through the gap in the bushes (don’t miss it). Follow this path (very slippery when wet) down through the trees to cross the stream in the bottom by a stone bridge.

After crossing the bridge follow the path in a north westerly direction towards the stiles that lie ahead. On reaching the top field we see steps leading to the stone stile onto Whitley Lane. Turn and look back and just remind yourself that you are not looking at a rural scene but indeed towards the centre of a large industrial city of over half a million people. After climbing the stile turn left up Whitley Lane. After about 200 yards take the right hand road which is marked public footpath just after Barn House.

The road descends through a wooded area and meets up with the path that leads up from the Whitley Hall, an old stately mansion now a restaurant. Continue up the track towards Wood End, a small hamlet and on towards Greno Woods.

Just after the telephone box at Wood End turn right through a gate into the wood. Continue along the wide path between the wood and the field. Do not take the first major left turning up to the road but continue forward for about 300 yards to reach a narrow path that will then wind its way up on to Penistone Road by a flight of steps. Cross Penistone Road (EXTREME CARE REQUIRED HERE).

Just a little way to the right re enter the woods along the main path (painted SLOW on the road). Pass between a tree and some wooden poles and then in 20 yards bear right to follow a path along the edge of the wood (stone wall on the right). At the first cross path turn left to carry straight forward along the Trans Pennine Trail and in 100 yards bear right up a narrow stoney path. Continue on the path straight forward that runs by the side of a wall that separates a field from the woods. Continue on the wide path that climbs slowly up towards the road and after the wall follows a wire fence.

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On reaching Woodhead Road cross and turn right along the path before the stone wall. Enter the wood at the wooden posts and continue forward on a well defined path that bears to the left away from the road. Continue on to the stone wall on the edge of the wood to joint a new wide path by a woodland car park. Continue forward along a bridle path through the wood to another car park.

Changeover: By the car park in Grenowoods (about 1 mile past the Grenoside village on Woodhead Road, GR 324951).