The Sheffield Way: Leg Two

Note: These are electronic OCR scans from the original text scans.  They have been proof-read, but they could still contain transfer errors, so please bear that in mind.  Also, as the book is old, the course and surrounding area itself may have also changed over the years.  Basically, this is all provided on a best endeavours basis.

Start: By the car park in Grenowoods (about 1 mile past the Grenoside village on Woodhead Road, GR 324951).

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From the car park bear left down a wide forestry road. Follow this laid road as it winds and descends through the woods. Ignore all turnings off and bear left at all junctions with other forestry tracks and continue down.

On reaching Wood End Cottage at the bottom turn left and follow the road until it meets Oughtibridge Lane, turn right and drop down into Oughtibridge. On reaching Oughtibridge cross the bridge over the River Don and continue up Bridge Hill opposite past the Cock Inn.

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Continue up the hill to Church Street passing the Hare and Hounds on your right. After climbing several hundred yards take the narrow lane called Wheel Lane on the right hand side. This is unmarked but it is just across the road from Poplar Road and immediately after 98 Church Street. Drop down Wheel Lane and up the other side and just before the lane begins to turn sharp right about 150 yards after the first Public Footpath there is a footpath on the left marked Public Footpath to Worrall where there is a gate and three stone steps. Take these steps and follow the path up the grassy bank to the right hand side of the stone wall. Continue following the side of the wall until you reach a stile at the top corner. Cross the stile and continue diagonally left up the next field to cross a stone stile by a metal gate just right of 4 oak trees.

On crossing into the next field wooden steps will be seen, going over the following wall in the left hand corner of the field. Cut across to the steps and climb into the next field. Continue to climb up the field by the right hand side of the hawthorn bushes until you reach a stone stile in the corner by a telegraph pole. Continue straight up the next field to the wooden stile and steps which lead onto the narrow road. Turn right for a few yards along the road and then immediate left up the stone cart track by a Public Footpath to Worral sign. Continue to follow the track as it climbs into the fields. Cross the old stone gateway and the rough track and through the stone stile into the next field keeping to the right side of the wall with the new school on the far left.

On reaching the old stone gates to the next field take the right hand side of the field and continue to climb with the wall on your right. Upon reaching the stile with the stone steps climb onto the road and turn right. Take the first left turning after about 100 yards along the road just before a wooden seat on the right. At the top of the hill at Low Ash Farm there is a magnificent panoramic view of almost three quarters of the City of Sheffield, going from Oughtibridge round Grenoside to the East End over towards the west. On reaching the T junction at Low Ash Farm follow straight across to the path by the signpost (Sheffield Country Way sign on it) through a small wood and begin to drop down into Loxley Valley.

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Continue down the path with the stone walls on both sides. Ignore the two paths that bear left and continue down between the wall and a wire fence to cross Myers Lane by a Public Footpath sign. Cross the wall beside the farm gate and continue down the wide farm track with a stone wall on the left and a wire fence to the right. Take care to spot the stone steps over the wall rather than turning down to Loxley House Farm. As you approach Loxley Road you will be brought down to earth with a bang as industry re-appears and rears its ugly head in the valley. On reaching Loxley Road turn right, in about 150 yards turn left down Storrs Bridge Lane. At the bottom of the lane turn right into the works yard passing to the right of a sign on a building indicating Loxley Water Treatment Plant. Bear right past the plant entrance and then follow the Public Footpath down the left side of the dam.

Just before the far end of the dam turn left over a steel footbridge and take the first footpath on the right through the trees by a faded Public Footpath sign. Go down some steps over a wooden bridge. Once over the bridge turn up left into a field. Look to the top of the field to see a stone stile in a broken down stone wall. Cross this and take the path into the woods.

Follow this path up through this pleasant wooded glade ignoring all of the paths to the left and keeping the stream on the left until you meet the road to Dungworth. On reaching the road turn left and drop down the hill. Do not turn up the first Public Footpath sign in the little dip but continue up the hill until you reach the Public Footpath sign just before the road sign Storrs Carr. Turn right up the Public Footpath. Half way up the hill the path turns suddenly sharp right into a curiously named lane called Pudding Poke.

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On reaching the main road turn left and after about 50 yards there are steps leading to a metal gate on the right hand side. Pass through the gate and cross the field keeping to the right hand side of the stone-built wall. Cross the wooden stile at the top of the field and continue towards Hill Top Farm. Just before the small fence go through the wall and a small stone stile thus directing you to the left hand side of Hill Top Farm. Keep to the left, of the outbuildings and a stile will be seen in the wall. On climbing the stile drop onto the road.

On reaching the road turn right. Remain on the road through a series of s-bends then shortly after turn left onto a small lane; Bents Lane. Continue past the farmhouses. Where the track becomes rough and in about 140 yards at the point where there are 3 gateways (large boulders across the gap ahead) pass through the gateway on your immediate right. Follow the faint path with the stone wall to your left across this field to pass through another gateless gateway with a stone stile and a large beech tree on the left (look straight forward here to Beeton Farm on the far hillside which is your next destination). Continue straight forward across the field keeping to the right of the steep slope where the field drops away to the stream.

After passing through a small area of gorse bush a wooden stile will be seen that leads into the next field. Climb the stile descend the grassy bank diagonally to the stream and there is a stone bridge in the corner. This is difficult to see until you get there.

Cross the stone bridge and climb a small wooden stile through the wire fence. Continue up the field with a stone wall to your right. This field is often very wet and trampled by the wall and you may find it easier to use the flatter area in the middle but return to the wall as you approach the farm buildings. At the top of the field climb the stile in the stone wall about 15 yards to the left of a metal gate in the right hand corner of the field. At the wire fence ahead turn right through a gap in the right hand corner. Pass between the farm buildings to join the farm lane.

Follow the lane round the farm buildings and on approaching the gate turn sharp left by the side of the wall keeping the wall on your left. This is a poorly maintained path and is ill-defined. However keep to the wall and eventually at the top of the field reach the road. On reaching the road turn left and shortly turn right at the road junction along the road with the farm on your right.

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Continue up the road past the farm buildings and just past the electricity pylon turn left at a Public Footpath sign. Cross the field with the stone wall on the left to reach a stone stile to the right of a gate. Cross this and descend the bank diagonally right towards a metal gate in the wall in front. Turn left before the gate down the field to climb a stone stile by a wooden gate. Cross the field diagonally to a stone stile in the left hand corner. Continue down the left hand side of the next field to a gated stile. Climb the stile and go straight down the field by the house to pass through a gap in the hawthorn hedge by two large stones. Turn sharp right after the hedge to reach a stone stile by a wooden gate that leads into the farm road that drops down to Manchester Road.

Cross Manchester Road (EXTREME CARE REQUIRED HERE) and descend down through the woods on the wide track called Wyming Brook Drive towards the stream. Ignore the signed footpaths off to the right by a stone bridge and continue to follow the wide bridleway through the woods with Rivelin Brook to the left. In about one mile bear left downhill at a wooden footpath sign and a stone wall on the right. After a further 300 yards turn right through a blue metal gate.

Changeover: Near the car park on Rivelyn Dam Head (GR 273866).