Cutlers Relay Result

Race Date: Saturday 18 October 2014

Ten Striders took part in the Cutlers Relay in Graves Park. As with recent years, it also incorporated the Northern XC Relays, with a corresponding increase in the number of teams taking part and the calibre of runners.

At two miles on a demanding course each leg is short enough to need a fast pace, hilly enough to exhaust you.

The senior men’s team finished in 30th place. Unfortunately, because of last minute changes of team members, the V50 men’s team and the women’s team were ineligible to be included in the final standings, though their times were recorded. Well done to all those who ran.

The senior men’s race was won by Liverpool Harriers and AC in 42:59. The leading V50 men’s team was Sheffield RC in 38:24. The women’s race was won by Rotherham Harriers and AC in 37:12. SportSoft have the full men’s results and  full women’s results.

Senior Women

Name Leg Time Team Total Time Team Position
Helen Cain 17:55 17:55 28th
Mary Craig 18:08 36:03 37th
Hannah Helmore 13:58 50:01 25th

Senior Men

Name Leg Time Team Total Time Team Position
Andrew Davies 13:15 13:15 37th
Sam Brown 13:27 26:42 35th
Steve Helmore 13:09 39:51 35th
Colin Hardy 13:53 53:44 32nd

V50 Men

Name Leg Time Team Total Time Team Position
Michael O’Grady 13:08 13:08 5th
Ben Heller 14:13 27:21 6th
Andy Buck 13:36 40:57 5th
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