Dam Flask Relay Result

It was the Dam Flask Relay on the 24 June.

Women’s results

Totley AC won the ladies relays in 66:53. We had 3 ladies teams in the mix (48 teams in total).

Hannah Helmore, Jennifer Rich and Siân Elizabeth got second place overall, and 2 more excellent results from the ladies with 22nd place for the second ladies team and 43rd for the veterans team.

Hannah was fastest female Strider and 3rd fastest ladies time overall in 21:48. Full results are on the Sheffield Running Club website.

P Name Time
2 Steel City Striders 68:22:00
Hannah Helmore 21:48
Jennifer Rich 23:24
Sian Evans 23:10
P Name Time
22 Steel City Striders 81:27:00
Emily Hunt 24:20:00
Nicola Ross 25:35:00
Rowena Sharma 31:32:00
P Name Time
43 Steel City Striders (Vet) 94:30:00
Magdalena Boo 31:58:00
Phillipa Penman 31:31:00
Victoria Hawkins 31:01:00

Men’s results

Hallamshire Harriers won the relays in 75:05.

We had 6 teams out of the 54 in total. Our first mens team coming in 9th with Louis Wood, James Fulcher, Ben Jones and Steve Fraser leading the way in 83:32.

The other striders teams came 15th, 26th, 34th, 36th and our vets came in 52nd.

Ben Jones was fastest mens Strider in 20:10. Full results are on the Sheffield Running Club website.

P Name Time
9 Steel City Striders 83:32:00
Louis Wood 21:38
James Fulcher 20:40
Ben Jones 20:10
Steve Fraser 21:04
P Name Time
15 Steel City Striders 86:30:00
Andrew Davies 21:20
John Kilcoyne 21:42
Stephen Atkinson 22:34
Mark Gray 20:54
P Name Time
26 Steel City Striders 89:47:00
Daniel Palmer 23:55
Steve Helmore 22:15
Andy Buck 22:23
James Rose 21:14
P Name Time
34 Steel City Striders 93:43:00
Colin Hardy 22:58
Phil Howson 23:46
Matt Chappell 23:54
Nick Portus 23:05
P Name Time
36 Steel City Striders 94:43:00
Alasdair Menmuir 22:56
Paul Stuart 23:00
John Rawlinson 24:56:00
Anthony Horstead 23:51
P Name Time
52 Steel City Striders (Vet) 108:56:00
Andy Green 26:37:00
Stuart Jones 25:45:00
John Walker 27:49:00
Roger Watson 28:45:00
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