Ladybower 50 Result

Race date: Sunday 21st September 2014

The Ladybower 50 race, as you may have guessed is 50 miles around Ladybower and Derwent reservoirs.

There are three versions of the race depending on your level of madness; 20 Miles, 35 Miles and 50 Miles.

The 50 mile races was won by Gareth Bowden (6:23:27) and Elizabeth Reeves (8:18:00)

The 35 mile races was won by David Hollings/Colin Earl (5:03:00) and Lisa Lord (7:57:00)

And finally, the 20 mile race was won by Craig Muress (2:19:00) and Megan Kelsey (2:40:00)

This madness you spoke of, were Striders involved in this? You betcha.

Simon Bennett finished a highly commendable 2nd place in the 20 mile race, just 8 minutes behind the winner.

P Name Cat Time
2 Simon Bennett M 02:27:00

But surely topped by Anna Gruszczynska finishing 21st in the 50 mile race? 50 miles!!!?!?!? She was the 7th lady home too, a fantastic effort.

P Name Cat Time
21 Anna Gruszczynska F 08:54:10

Full results available from Ladybower 50 Facebook Page

Simon Bennett, Ladybower 50, 2014

Simon Bennett, Ladybower 50, 2014

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