Burbage Skyline Result

Race Date: Tuesday 13th May 2015

Always a popular race on the fell calendar and this year it proved no exception with 288 runners taking part.  Think there might have been a few more had in not been sandwiched in between a Trunce and a 5 Miler, but nothing you can do about that.

The race was won by Tommy Horton of SHUOC in 37:13 and the first lady home was Helen Elmore of Dark Peak in 47:07.

25 Striders completed the race with some strong performances.

P Name Cat Time
39 Ben Jones M 00:46:22
50 Michael Timm MV40 00:47:21
56 Alasdair Menmuir M 00:48:16
60 Simon Bayliss MV40 00:48:27
69 Austen Puleston M 00:49:11
77 Paul Stewart MV40 00:49:56
100 James Fletcher M 00:50:59
105 Phil Howson MV40 00:51:51
108 Andy Buck MV50 00:52:01
123 Joseph Buckman M 00:53:17
129 Rob Partington MV50 00:53:49
137 Alison Barrett L 00:54:22
153 John Rawlinson MV40 00:55:33
160 Wayne Forster M 00:55:58
173 Anthony Horstead M 00:56:52
174 Helen Calder LV40 00:56:54
184 Andy Green MV40 00:58:01
194 Stuart Jones MV50 00:58:36
219 Matthew Zanadzki MV40 01:01:14
224 Jeni Pitkin L 01:01:26
230 David Parry MV60 01:02:26
234 Hannah Milton L 01:02:52
236 Alexander Arblaster M 01:03:08
254 Alex De Salis L 01:06:20
255 Roger Watson MV40 01:06:35

Full result available from the Dark Peak website

I took some around 400 pictures last night and whittled them down to about 170, which you can find them in this Flickr album

I’d like to think that I was subcontracted by Mossie Net, so if you like the photos or want to use them, please do consider a donation to Mossie Net Photography. 🙂

You can donate via his Just Giving Page or read more about the races he covers on his blog.

Helen Calder and Tony Horstead in a Battle Royale to the finish

Helen Calder and Tony Horstead in a Battle Royale to the finish

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