Trunce Race 1 Result

An hour had passed since the starter had shouted “enjoy yourselves and go”. I’m now sat in my car with my heater on full blast, I can barely feel my hands and feet and I dare not contemplate setting off and driving home like this.

Trying to get my wet shoes and socks off was the most difficult task i’ve performed in months. As i’m sat there shivering like a chihuahua, all that is going through my head is “you stupid man, what are you bloody playing at? grow up!”

I then remember that the clocks sprang forward just yesterday to herald the start of British Summer Time. My only thought was that nothing could be further from the truth.

I also remembered that some idiot (me) had made a big push on the Striders website to get people here tonight, a tinge of guilt set in. But then I remembered seeing the smiling Striders faces and the mass congregation of yellow and green at the finishing line. Everyone else had scarpered, it was freezing, but there were loads of Striders there cheering people across the finishing line in what was almost near darkness.

They’ll be back for more I thought…… they’ll be back.

385 lunatics (37 juniors and 348 seniors) braved easily the toughest Trunce conditions i’ve seen in the couple of years i’ve ran it.

Tom Saville continued his dominance of the event winning in a time of 25:25 and Ellie Crownshaw the first lady home in 32:43, but only just over a minute ahead of Hannah Helmore who was 3rd lady home.

The Trunce website appears littered with ‘New Runners’ from last night, so i’ve done my best to piece together a Striders list.  Any problems, please let me know via the contact form.

34 (thirty-four) Striders I’ve counted so far……. An unbelievable turnout, especially on such an inclement evening.

P Name Cat Time
12 Andy Davies Vet Male 00:28:19
23 Sam Needham Male 00:29:23
30 David Palmer Vet Male 00:30:44
32 Alasdair Menmuir Male 00:30:54
35 Craig Shaw Male 00:30:56
42 Steve Helmore Male 00:31:35
50 Mick Wall Vet Male 00:32:32
56 Matt Chappell Male 00:32:51
58 Ed Startup Male 00:33:04
66 Hannah Helmore Female 00:33:50
79 Richard Sayers Male 00:34:43
82 Ian Stinson Vet Male 00:34:53
89 Andy Green Vet Male 00:35:19
118 Heather Wallis Female 00:37:56
127 Paul Stuart Vet Male 00:38:25
131 James Norton Male 00:38:38
141 Stuart Jones Vet Male 50 00:39:32
147 Simon Hope Male 00:39:54
149 Trevor Burton Vet Male 50 00:40:02
155 Nathan Hoyland Male 00:40:14
183 Richard Pegg Vet Male 50 00:42:21
184 Victoria Hawkins Vet Female 00:42:26
185 Roger Watson Vet Male 00:42:33
197 Richard Clamp Vet Male 00:43:24
198 Charles Crookes Vet Male 50 00:43:36
199 Anthony Rooms Vet Male 50 00:43:43
207 Andy Woffinden Vet Male 50 00:44:38
213 Mir Jansen Vet Female 00:44:56
226 Richard Garton Vet Male 00:45:46
229 Chris Ellis Male 00:46:09
255 Michael Twigg Vet Male 00:49:02
260 Laura Fletcher Female 00:49:50
283 Dawn Jackson Vet Female 50 00:53:40
302 Emma Dickinson Female 00:56:19

Full Result available from the Trunce website

Main photo courtesy of Mossie Net Photography

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Mick Wall on photogenic mood (again).

Mick Wall in photogenic mood (again) at Trunce 1 2015.

Striders at the finish line of Trunce 1

Striders at the finish line of Trunce 1

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