Trunce Race 3 Results

Race Date: Monday 11th May 2015

334 at Trunce, I think they’re gonna need a bigger boat?

Brilliant to see 52 Juniors involved again. With Trunce and Barnsley Junior Parkrun the kids of South Yorkshire have some great opportunities to get running and racing.

282 adults finished the race, 16 Striders out there with the official site saying 13 PBs.  Cracking performances.

Brendan Moody of Barnsley AC won the mens race in 25:20 and Ellie Crownshaw of Bradfield the ladies in 30:30.

Unfortunately the result on the Trunce site doesn’t mention that Paul Stuart got 6.0, 5.9, 6.0, 5.9, 5.9 for his double backflip pike in the diving competition.

Thankfully we have the moment captured on camera forever more.  So enjoy!

P Name Cat Time
6 Andrew Davies Vet Male 00:26:53
11 Sam Needham Male 00:28:24
16 Paul Stuart Vet Male 00:29:04
55 Andy Green Vet Male 00:32:39
83 James Norton Male 00:34:30
86 Jimmy Sharman Male 00:34:42
91 Nick Burns Vet Male 00:35:06
96 Richard Pegg Vet Male 60 00:35:30
97 Richard Sands Vet Male 00:35:33
141 Victoria Hawkins Vet Female 00:38:37
147 Mir Jansen Vet Female 50 00:38:52
148 Anthony Rooms Vet Male 50 00:38:56
159 Richard Clamp Vet Male 00:39:55
170 Laura Fletcher Female 00:41:20
194 Hannah Dexter Female 00:43:23
246 Dawn Jackson Vet Female 50 00:47:32

Results available from the Trunce website

Photos courtesy of Mossie Net Photography.  Please consider donating to his worthwhile cause.  He publishes 100’s of pictures from these races and makes them available completely free of charge.  All he asks in return is a small donation to his favourite charity; Malaria No More.

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Trunce 3-Paul

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