Trunce Results 2

The weather at Trunce race 2 was the polar opposite to Trunce 1.  The first race of the year brought near freezing temperatures, lashing rain and howling wind.  Last night was the kind of spring evening where you feel well and truly alive.

Nice weather always guarantees a good turnout and last night was no exception with 387 in attendance, of which 57 were juniors and 330 adults.  Which made the opening dash to the bridge like a scene from the film 300.

After the event, Tracy from Kingstone Runners said the Striders who assemble around the finishing funnell are like a travelling city who appear at every event.  Don’t worry, she meant it in a nice way.  The way we congregate, support and cheer on our fellow club members is not going unnoticed.

31 (thirty one) Striders ran last night, so almost 10% of the runners in the race.  Amazing.

An even more amazing stat is that the official site records 23 of us getting a PB last night. Stunning.

A special mention must go to Hannah Helmore who was first lady home last night and now sits joint top of the female season long table after two races. (accessible via the seasons results tab on the Trunce site).  Also, being the first lady home will give her a whopping 100pts full house in the Fell Race Championship.

First man past the post was Adam Potter of Westbury Harriers in 24:52

Note: Now that the organisers have started adding club name to the official results, please can everyone check their details are up to date, you can do this via the My Details tab of the Trunce website.

If they aren’t correct, contact the Trunce admin through their website.

Pos Name Category Time
6 David Palmer Vet Male 00:25:30
9 Andrew Davies Vet Male 00:26:13
14 Craig Shaw Male 00:27:33
16 Simon Bayliss Vet Male 00:27:44
21 Alasdair Menmuir Male 00:28:07
23 Michael Timm Vet Male 00:28:21
27 Steve Helmore Male 00:28:42
35 Hannah Helmore Female 00:29:09
46 Mick Wall Vet Male 00:29:57
50 David Perkins Male 00:30:35
52 Ian Stinson Vet Male 00:30:46
57 Edward Startup Male 00:31:06
74 Simon Wiles Vet Male 00:32:24
104 Andy Green Vet Male 00:33:57
114 James Norton Male 00:35:12
118 Heather Wallis Female 00:35:23
128 Nick Burns Vet Male 00:36:06
129 Richard Pegg Vet Male 60 00:36:09
130 Helen Davis Female 00:36:25
137 Nathan Hoyland Male 00:36:36
153 Paul Stuart Vet Male 00:37:10
155 Jimmy Sharman Male 00:37:15
171 Wayne Forster Male 00:37:57
173 Richard Sands Vet Male 00:38:03
194 Victoria Hawkins Vet Female 00:39:28
195 Richard Clamp Vet Male 00:39:30
200 Andrew Woffinden Vet Male 50 00:39:39
203 Anthony Rooms Vet Male 50 00:39:55
209 Mir Jansen Vet Female 00:41:04
213 Hannah Dexter Female 00:41:25
217 Laura Fletcher Female 00:41:45

Full result available via the Trunce Website

Striders at Trunce Number 2, 2015

Striders at Trunce Number 2, 2015

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