Calver Peak fell race result

Race Date: Wednesday 8th June 2016

A lovely summer’s evening was in store for the runners at the Calver Peak fell race. The sun was shining and the village was buzzing with 275 runners and a load of spectators. Striders once again has a strong contingent of 25 participants and a good few supporters – well done to all runners.

This race had a long pull up the road at the beginning, not steep enough to walk and not narrow enough to get stuck behind people. It was hard work and the heat didn’t make it easier. Up and up we seemed to go but eventually it flattened out and the fleeting glances at the view that I dared myself were well worth it. To some extent, it’s a shame I spent most of the time looking 6 feet ahead of me.

By the time I’d reached the road at the top of the quarry I was knackered but knew it was mostly downhill for there on in. The remainder of the route followed the Peak Trail race route I had completed a few weeks earlier so I knew there was a narrow, steep, downhill rocky section to come. I ran as fast as I could down this difficult section but still got caught by a couple of runners. I need to try to improve my downhill running methinks.

Back into the village and onto the green and the finish line. There was a group of Striders already splayed out on the grass so I joined them. The running pain soon changed to enjoyment and the, ‘why am I doing this to myself’ thoughts changed to, ‘that was great, can’t wait till Edale!’ – madness.

Anyway, the race was won by Steve Franklin of Totley AC in 31.21. The first woman home was Hazel Tant also of Totley AC in 37.18. Again, well done to all the Striders on a hot but enjoyable evening.

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time
20 Luke Desforges MV 40 35.37
28 Paul Stuart MV 40 37.06
48 Jen Rich F Sen 38.05
50 Steve Clarke M Sen 38.15
51 Ian Stinson MV 40 38.17
66 Joe Buckman M Sen 39.17
76 Caroline Brock F Sen 39.47
83 John Rawlinson MV 40 40.20
97 Nick Burns MV 40 41.05
115 Simon Wiles MV 40 42.20
116 Michael Squires MV 40 42.23
121 Stephen Doherty M Sen 42.37
139 Richard Pegg MV 50 43.48
148 Adrian Moss MV 50 44.48
162 Alex Arblaster M Sen 45.34
178 Trevor Burton MV 50 46.39
190 Vicky Hawkins FV 40 47.35
198 Claire Britt FV 40 48.14
215 Mir Jansen FV 50 49.49
220 Jill Davies FV 50 50.24
229 Carol Beattie FV 60 51.23
239 Naomi Rabin F Sen 52.00
248 ???????? MV 40 53.16
252 Richard Garton MV 40 55.00
274 Zoe Dickinson FV 40 1.04.32

Official Results: Calver Peak fell race results


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