Windsor Winter 10k Result

Race date: Sunday 19th March 2017

Eton Dorney rowing centre, aside the River Thames and as used in the 2012 Olympics was the setting for a variety of Duathlon and running races over the weekend.  As its 1.5 miles in length it made for a perfect course.

Sole Strider, Nancy Stuart continued her racing world tour by competing in the days 10k running race.

Her race report to me described it “as running laps of a wind tunnel”, such was the strength of wind down one side of the lake.  Sounds like Rother Valley, no?  Must be a ‘water’ thing?

Race winner Liam Wilson seemed to have no bother though as he came home in 35:37. But others must have struggled as he was a whole 5 minutes ahead of second place.  The ladies race winner (and third person home), Sarah Dudgeon won in 40:56.  There were 146 finishers.

P Name Cat Time
64 Nancy Stuart F 59:14

Full result available from the StuWeb website.

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