Dukeries 40

May 11th 2019

The races start in the heart of Sherwood Forest and keep mostly to forest trails and footpaths. The route passes charming lodges, through Cresswell Crags and skirts the Welbeck Estate. It then crosses Clumber Park and through peaceful farm land before looping back to pass by the Thoresby Estate before returning to Sherwood Forest. The 40 miler passes The Major Oak!

Anyone thinking about running an ultra for the first time should seriously consider this one (the 30 mile edition is run on the same day), it is well marked, well marshalled, and well good (init)!

Pos. Name Time
21 Al Cook 6:36.19
108 Nicole Brown 9:38.36

A full list of results can be found on the Hobo Pace website.

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