The North Stand result

Race Date: Monday 13th January 2020  Race Distance: Approx 10 miles

Very low key event from Tim Tett’s house. The idea is to run from Tim’s house to the three football grounds of Hillsborough, Bramall Lane and Hallam FC in any order you wish, touching the North Stand of each ground, before returning to Tim’s house, in as quick a time as possible.

This event is part of the Urban Nights series of events, a series that is well worth having a look at on the dark nights, when there is not a lot else happening.

The event was won by Pete Davies who did W-H-U in 62 mins. the first woman was Sally Fawcett, route unknown, in 81.22.

Striders Results:

P Name Cat Time
7 John Rawlinson MV 50 92.42
7 Nick Burns MV 50 92.42
11 John Armitage MV 40 108.35
11 Andy Woffindin MV 50 108.35

Virtually all runners choose W-H-U as the route but John and Andy choose W-U-H

Full Results:


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