RSR results and report by Ellen Broad

Race Date: Satrurday/Sunday 24th/25th June 2023

For anyone who hasn’t yet done the Round Sheffield Run it is advertised as an “exciting, innovative and social concept that brings the best bits of running into one memorable event” and it didn’t fail to disappoint! The differences to any normal race are that there are 11 timed stages with various lengths of recovery/walking sections in between. It was about 20km of timed running and 24km total distance. The running is generally all on trails and through parks of Sheffield, with the walking/recovery sections along any busy roads as no roads are closed as part of this event. Entrants can enter as individuals or as pairs (female, male or mixed) and the event is also run over two days with multiple waves so you have no idea who has won until Sunday afternoon!

I tend to get nervous about any races the closer it gets to the start time, even parkruns! So it was novel experience for me to approach the start of this event with just as much excitement as nerves, due to the staged nature of the event and that I’d recced the first few stages a few weeks ago and knew what I was in for (for the first climb at least!). Given I’d not done any race like this before, I wasn’t quite sure how to approach it in terms of the stages. Do I run it like a half marathon or an interval session? I had intended to start at a pace I thought I could keep up for a half marathon and possibly slowly jog all the recovery sections to ensure my legs didn’t seize up. However, after the second stage that all went out the window and I ended up running it much more like an interval session and there was no way I was going faster than a slow walk on any of the recovery stages!

My boyfriend had also entered the event (who is not a strider but is a pretty speedy runner and faster than me!) and when we told our friends they always assumed we’d entered as a pair, but no, we’re both too competitive for that and I don’t enjoy running when I’m slower than my companion! We were running on the Saturday morning, which started off fairly cloudy but very humid! We turned up and collected our timing devices, which were not quite what I’d imagined and I quickly decided there was no way I could run with it round my neck as many other people planned to, as it would irritate me to no end or fly off! And the dibbing in and out process also looked pretty complex and wasn’t particularly conducive to running starts or sprint finishes to any of the stages! But at least everyone was in the same boat.

We started in the 08:45 wave, and although we both would have qualified for the elite wave we decided this was too scary so thought we’d start in the next wave. Our first error was that we hadn’t realised there was another wave at 08:35 and slower runners had been advised to enter an early wave to ensure they finished the course. So we prepared for a lot of overtaking up the hill on stages 1 and 2, which had a few fairly narrow sections! The first two stages passed fairly quickly, with a lot of energy expended shouting “excuse me” to get past other runners, encouragement to other striders, and bursts of speed to try and get round other groups before any dibbing in and out at the many road crossings! I decided that if I entered next year I would definitely enter the elite wave if I still qualified, but actually it was quite motivating and sociable gaining on others rather than watching them run away into the distance, and I got many shouts of encouragement at the top of the hill on stage 2 when I ran past the majority of people walking! And I possibly ran faster than I would have in the elite wave, with all those short bursts of speed to overtake people!

Anyway, at the top of the hill at the end of Stage 2 I got another mental boost when I saw my boyfriend only just ahead of me (when I expected to not see him again until the finish), so I jogged to catch up with him and we had a nice chat until the start of Stage 3. Now there were a couple of sections of nice long descent, which are the bits of running I really enjoy! I decided to try and keep him in my sights for as long as possible and this is where my “half marathon pace” plan fell apart as I chased him down the hill and only ended up 20 seconds or so behind him at the end of these stages!

Then came the steps up to the start of Stage 5… who put all those there? It was very kind of the organisers to put the start of this stage at the top of these steps but I probably should have had a bit more rest at the top of these before starting Stage 5 which was still a lot of steep uphill! The field had started to string out quite a bit now but i was still catching up to and overtaking a few people whilst trying to keep my boyfriend in my sights for as long as possible in each stage. There were some very welcome shouts of encouragement from striders on stage 7 (I vaguely remember Tessa halfway up a hill marshalling and Colin, Laura and a couple of others wandering along the route behind Graves park) so thanks guys!

My legs were starting to tire at this point after my chasing and the hills beginning to take a toll but I was really looking forward to the relatively short and almost entirely downhill stages 8 and 9. I decided to really try and push these downs as we were getting closer to the end now and I feel like I’m pretty good at the downhills. I thought these might be my only chances to beat my boyfriend at any of the stages and although I was only a few seconds behind him on stage 8, lo and behold I managed to outsprint him down the steep section 9, which was called the “king/queen of the descent”.

After all that effort pelting down the hill, on the walk between stages 9 and 10 my legs were starting to seize up and I wasn’t quite sure how I would manage the long and uphill stage 10… I knew it would be the least enjoyable stage! Up the hill we went and this is where my boyfriend disappeared into the distance fairly quickly and I lost a lot of time on other competitors (when I compared the stage breakdown later). However, I refused to give in and walk any of it, except up the steep stairs before Chelsea park, where I told myself it was a tactical decision to walk and save some energy! Although this stage was far harder and my pace slower than the other stages, I felt better knowing that I’d put my all into the stages beforehand and didn’t have anything left!

The only thing left was the sprint finish, but I wasn’t quite sure how I’d manage this 400m stretch given my legs had pins and needles on the walk between sections 10 and 11 and I couldn’t feel them properly! All the other runners seemed to have deserted me on this walk so I got to the sprint finish entirely alone, although this prompted the Marshall at the start of stage 11 to organise what can only be described as a photo shoot, telling me to do different poses before dibbing me in for the final stretch! Finally I set off on what felt like an incredibly long “sprint” finish and eventually crossed the line and could enjoy drinking lots of water, eating snacks and resting my very tired legs!

I was very surprised when I received my timing printout that I was currently the 5th individual female, although then read it was only out of 9 finishers so I fully expected to drop many places when other runners finished! However, I retained 5th place on Saturday and was only beaten by 2 female runners on the Sunday, meaning I finished 7th which was a great achievement for me! Unfortunately we couldn’t hang around in Endcliffe park on Saturday afternoon because it would have been a great place to spend the afternoon with food, drinks, live music, friends and lovely weather!

Well done to everyone who ran over the weekend, especially in the hot and humid conditions! A special shout out to our three fastest female pairs who won the female pair club prize, Rob and Ryan who were the fastest male pair and commiserations to Frances and Gilly who ran an amazing time but missed out on first female pair overall by an agonising 1 second! Thanks to all the incredible marshals and volunteers, it was an amazing event! I will definitely be signing up next year, possibly for the winter event too, and would encourage everyone else to as well! It really was a different and sociable event combining all the best bits about running!

Striders Results:

Female Sen

Pos Name Time
6th Annie Chambers 01:26:28
7th Ellen Broad 01:27:05
25th Harriet Davies 01:37:14
26th Hannah Shillitoe 01:37:43
28th Claire Wren 01:39:04
48th Katrina Gillett 01:45:00
82nd Simone Young-Alls 01:53:21
92nd Rachael Toon 01:55:47
96th Helen Royles-Jones 01:56:09
97th Ruth Alderson 01:56:18
98th Charlotte Civico 01:56:28
108th Cathy Harris 01:57:25
125th Angharad Guy 02:00:30
161st Grace Stead 02:05:49
175th Katie Mclaren 02:07:58
199th= Zofia Gilmer 02:10:53
199th= Holly Burbridge 02:10:53
239th Victoria Johnson 02:17:17
247th Rosie Smith 02:19:00
257th Eleanor Wilson 02:21:41
258th Laura Greaves 02:21:42
272nd Ruth Tucker 02:25:23

Female Pair

Pos Name Time
2nd Gillian Allen/Frances Roberts 01:23:31
5th Laura Mella/Kathryn Liddiard 01:32:01
7th Emily Green/Stephanie Millar 01:32:48
10th Jeni Harvey/Claire Grisdale 01:37:47
34th Emma Kingston/Victoria Muscroft 01:57:47
94th Joanne Cole/Julie Robinson 02:11:16
114th Lucy Mottram/Catherine Nettleton 02:15:28
194th Rebecca Pollitt/Julie Hurley 02:35:27
231st Jane Clawson/Rebecca Robson 02:47:14

FV 40

4th Jessica Brooks 01:30:10
94th Cara Hanson 02:00:56
103rd Katelyn McKeown 02:02:50
147th Lindsey Banks 02:07:25
148th Rebecca Roberts 02:07:35
193rd Melanie English 02:14:43
214th Helen Driscoll 02:17:54
215th Laura Fletcher 02:18:07
269th= Niki Mills 02:26:34
290th Anne Petit-Jean 02:31:16
300th Hannah Erskine 02:33:24
312th= Paula Risby 02:36:09
338th Sara Copp 02:45:54

FV 50

Pos Name Time
17th Karen Clark 01:50:38
20th Clare Gilmer 01:52:17
22nd Catherine McKeown 01:53:01
37th Kate Scott 02:00:19
41st Helen Green 02:01:44
59th Fran Marshall 02:07:41
74th Nada Ross 02:11:20
146th Andrea Snowden 02:27:17
149th Jo Rose 02:27:39
161st Cath Ager 02:31:59
164th Angela Lester 02:32:57
183rd Sarah Soden 02:43:37
214th Jude Bissell 03:23:38
215th Julie Armstrong 03:27:47

FV 60

Pos Name Time
1st Nicola Rafferty 01:44:38
6th Jane Evans 02:03:13
14th Louise Rowley 02:12:59
48th Gillian Pearson 02:52:36
58th Lesley Brosnan 03:10:28

Mix Pair

Pos Name Time
13th Caroline Brock/James Fulcher 01:33:36
37th Caroline Greenough/Martin Greenough 01:47:34
124th= Corinne Howse/Jonathan Howse 02:09:39
127th Rachael Hyman/Ben Hyman 02:09:42
144th= Matt Broadhead/Elin Reeves 02:12:03
146th Adam Brooks/Sophie McKie 02:12:11
154th Laura Rangeley/Christopher Smith 02:14:15
178th Guy Woodcock/Nicola Platts 02:19:20
188th Caroline Brash/Isaac Smith 02:21:04
220th Andrew Moore/Colleen Moore 02:27:32
272nd Richard Pegg/Nancy Stuart 02:46:55
281st Katja Danson/Jim Danson 02:50:49
296th James Norton/Natalie Khoaz 03:07:16

Male Senior

Pos Name Time
12th Adam Connellan 01:14:33
18th Ewan Heritage 01:16:42
23rd Andrew Sharpe 01:18:01
41st Daniel Cubitt 01:23:00
55th Rob Funnell 01:26:12
68th Lee Kenton 01:29:05
90th James Wilson 01:32:45
105th Christopher Brown 01:34:30
107th Robert Hale 01:34:52
115th Jim Rangeley 01:35:37
116th Sam Ainscough 01:35:52
117th Harry Browne 01:35:56
153rd Michael Cambell 01:40:26
175th Craig Lucas 01:43:12
182nd= Adam Newell 01:43:53
254th Jamie Smith 01:53:29
285th Jude Stone 01:58:54
300th Martin Evans 02:01:28
347th Luke Eccleston 02:17:32
362nd Matthew Bradbury 02:27:36
364th William Fu 02:28:18

Male Pair

Pos Name Time
1st Ryan Sheppeck/Robert Byers 01:10:28
18th Nigel Barnes/Warren Brown 01:28:11
21st Sergei Shkul/Evan Shkul 01:31:07
46th Alexander Briggs/Joshua Hartle 01:42:34
69th Andy Green/Mark Baines 01:49:47
94th Ryan Talley/Steve Blake 01:58:20
137th Liam Russell/Ed Williams 02:18:45

MV 40

Pos Name Time
14th Stephen Schubeler 01:19:58
16th Darren Barnett 01:20:14
27th Oliver Carlisle 01:24:32
33rd Ben Elliott 01:27:20
45th Russell Stevenson 01:30:10
59th Paul Johnson 01:32:36
72nd Ian Hunter 01:34:55
108th Steve Gourlay 01:41:13
112th Chris Roberts 01:41:32
126th Steve Yeoman 01:43:13
128th Douglas Armstrong 01:43:26
141st Ste Doherty 01:44:39
146th David Wilson 01:46:13
148th Phil King 01:46:16
166th Bryan John 01:47:47
254th Malcolm Baggaley 02:00:01
261st Tom Mosforth-Hunt 02:00:59
262nd Joel Driver 02:01:07
310th Matt Paice 02:11:39
346th Andy Telford 02:24:03
354th Jason Kelwick 02:29:48
361st Humphrey Fu 02:32:56

MV 50

17th David Naisbitt 01:29:58
33rd Nick Burns 01:35:22
40th Keith Tud Jackson 01:36:46
51st Paddy Treehowes 01:40:18
59th Roger Walters 01:41:46
84th Andrew Fowlds 01:45:52
95th Steve Haake 01:47:41
103rd Ben Heller 01:48:52
105th John Liddle 01:49:17
121st Martin Lane 01:54:09
150th Richard Cook 01:59:18
152nd= Chris Kirby 01:59:40
155th Ian Richardson 02:00:13
231st Gary Roche 02:23:48
233rd Billy Costello 02:25:02
235th Zaheer Mahmood 02:25:10

MV 60

2nd Rob Martin 01:36:18
26th Roger Brookes 01:57:24
27th David Bocking 01:57:28
40th Mark Jackson 02:01:47
44th Martin Downham 02:03:48
56th Dave Threlfall 02:11:31
59th Clive Downing 02:14:18
68th Kevin Haighton 02:16:57

Full Results; here

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