Waterway 30

Saturday 11th March 2023

A funny thing happened at the Waterway 30 this year, something I’ve never experienced before – the 1st placed male came 3rd overall!

1st over the line was Rachael Dalton (Smalley Road Runners), in a time of 4:47:56, closely followed by Rachel Piper (Cherwell Runners), in a time of 4:51:25. 1st male was Zac O’Neil (Wellingborough & District AC), in a time of 4:51:32.

Well done to all the Rachaels, including our very own Rachael Toon. Also well done to everyone else, obvs!

Pos Name Time
14th Al Cook 5:35:28
49th Rachael Toon 6:40:45

An honourable mention to ex-Strider Jill Davies (now Totley AC), who managed a time of 6:52:10 on her 1st ultra marathon.

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