Damflask Relays

Tuesday 18th June

Unfortunately, the bad weather impacted on some of the baton chips, which meant that around 13 teams had no results, so the results below are still provisional.
Only 5 teams still remain unaccounted for
(16) Kimberworth Striders
(59) Steel City Striders
(114) Kimberworth Striders
(119) Rotherham Harriers
(142) Denby Dale AC

(Provosional) Congratulations to Jonathan Legon, Jed Turner, and Chris Ireland for 1st place M60; and Caroline Brock, Hannah Holliday, and Siân Evans for 1st place F35 (was it ever in doubt?).

There were podium places for our Senior Women: Simone Young Alls, Annie Chambers, Abbie Pearse; F55: Dot Kesterton, Karen Clark, Carol Beattie; and M50: Adrian Fisher, Al Cook, Paddy Treehowes, Chris Lawson

SW, F35, F45, F55

Category: SW
Position (overall): 3rd
Position (category): 3rd
Total time: 1:04:22

Leg Name Time
A Simone Young Alls 21:47
B Annie Chambers 22:09
C Abbie Pearse 20:26

Category: F35
Position (overall): 5th
Position (category): 1st
Total time: 1:08:15

Leg Name Time
A Caroline Brock 21:48
B Hannah Holliday 24:39
C Siân Evans 21:48

Category: SW
Position (overall): 9th
Position (category): 6th
Total time: 1:12:05

Leg Name Time
1 Emily Green 24:08
2 Sarah Thorne 23:00
3 Ellen Broad 24:57

Category: F35
Position (overall): 19th
Position (category): 6th
Total time: 1:17:39

Leg Name Time
1 Nicola Ross 25:27
2 Cara Hanson 26:54
3 Kathy Liddiard 25:18

Category: F45
Position (overall): 25th
Position (category): 4th
Total time: 1:20:43

Leg Name Time
1 Jacqui Herring 25:08
2 Caroline Greenough 26:51
3 Louise Rowley 28:44

Category: SW
Position (overall): 29th
Position (category): 15th
Total time: 1:22:21

Leg Name Time
1 Helen Royles-Jones 28:23
2 Victoria Johnson 28:10
3 Emily Green 25:48

Category: F35
Position (overall): 36th
Position (category): 10th
Total time: 1:24:31

Leg Name Time
1 Sharon Colyer 28:47
2 Colleen Moore 30:55
3 Caroline Brock 24:49

Category: F55
Position (overall): 42nd
Position (category): 2nd
Total time: 1:27:56

Leg Name Time
1 Dot Kesterton 26:44
2 Karen Clark 28:59
3 Carol Beattie 32:13

Category: SW
Position (overall): 59th
Position (category): 25th
Total time: 1:37:00

Leg Name Time
1 Sophie McKie 29:21
2 Ruth Tucker 32:57
3 Dawn Jackson 34:42


Category: M60
Position (overall): 1st
Position (category): 1st
Total time: 1:09:51

Leg Name Time
1 Jonathan Legon 24:20
2 Jed Turner 22:46
3 Chris Ireland 22:45

SM, M40, M50

Category: SM
Position (overall): 5th
Position (category): 5th
Total time: 1:18:36

Leg Name Time
A Naeem Stevens 19:27
B Liam Brennan 19:37
C Steven Cahill 20:03
D Rob Byers 19:19

Category: SM
Position (overall): 21st
Position (category): 16th
Total time: 1:28:30

Leg Name Time
A Edward Shattock 21:14
B Josh Chapman 22:09
C Adam Brooks 22:30
D Edward Shattock 22:27

Category: M40
Position (overall): 24th
Position (category): 5th
Total time: 1:28:59

Leg Name Time
A Louis Wood 21:20
B Neil Schofield 23:06
C Chris Wade 21:41
D Malcolm Baggaley 22:52

Category: M40
Position (overall): 27th
Position (category): 7th
Total time: 1:29:43

Leg Name Time
A Paul Johnson 21:46
B Joel Kesterton 22:02
C Jonathan Smith 22:58
D Richard Carter 22:57

Category: M50
Position (overall): 31st
Position (category): 2nd
Total time: 1:31:22

Leg Name Time
A Adrian Fisher 20:51
B Al Cook 23:07
C Paddy Treehowes 23:34
D Chris Lawson 23:50

Category: SM
Position (overall): 41st
Position (category): 26th
Total time: 1:35:51

Leg Name Time
A Harry Browne 23:50
B Sam Ainscough 24:14
C Danny Bent 23:53
D Alex Briggs 23:54

Category: M50
Position (overall): 46th
Position (category): 7th
Total time: 1:39:26

Leg Name Time
A Adam McAuley 25:01
B Robin Nelson 24:26
C Martin Greenough 25:37
D Ian Black 24:22

Category: M40
Position (overall): 61st
Position (category): 14th
Total time: 1:44:58

Leg Name Time
A Nick Burns 24:55
B Martin Hughes 26:51
C Kevin Haighton 27:39
D Nick Burns 25:33

Category: M40
Position (overall): 76th
Position (category): 21st
Total time: 1:56:44

Leg Name Time
A Brian Jenkins 29:09
B Andrew Woffindin 35:06
C Andy Rowland 28:20
D Al Cook 24:09

A full list of results can be found on the Sheffield Running Club website (www.sheffieldrunningclub.org.uk) or from this PDF of the provisional results: www.sheffieldrunningclub.org.uk/

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