Kimmy Kanter Results

Race Date: Tuesday 4th June 2024

Some light rain greeted the runners as they arrived at Millmoor Juniors Football Club for this year’s Kimmy Kanter, but the sun started pushing through the clouds before the race start.

The Kanter is a two lap course, this year with a minor difference between laps in the first grassy field (up then left/left then up). That and two later fields are the best passing places in a course otherwise tricky for overtaking, the rest being largely run on narrow woodland trails.

A great value, friendly midweek trail race, with a prizegiving buffet thrown in to finish.

Sixteen Striders were among 200 runners who lined up for the Kimmy Kanter. The men’s race was won by Dominic Fielding of Worksop Harriers in a time of 22:45. Catherine Eddison of RHAC won the women’s race in a time of 26:04. Category positions for all runners not available.

Striders Results

P Name Time
6 Edward Shattock 24:20
17 Russell Stevenson 26:34
32 Paddy Treehowes 28:08
37 Colin Hardy 28:35
40 Ellen Broad 28:41
47 Emily Green 29:06
48 Robin Nelson 29:07
57 Kathryn Liddiard 29:55
81 Ash Mellors 32:42
88 Helen Royles-Jones 33:22
91 Martin Downham 33:38
100 Kevin Haighton 34:21
102 Sharon Colyer 34:39
112 Karen Clark 35:11
133 Joanne Gleig 36:58
185 Tracey Gledhill 43:41

Full results can be found on the Kimberworth Striders Facebook page.

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