Loxley Lash 2

Wednesday 5th June 2024

Things are shaping up nicely in the age category standings, with podium places for Steven Cahill, Chris Wade, Michael Cockings, Adrian Fisher, Lucy Broom, Mark Baines, Samya Armoush, Karen Clark, and Jo Gleig.

A nice 40 seconds PB for Jo Gleig, too – she clearly enjoys having Colin Hardy shout at her to run faster the entire way round!

Well done all.

Next race is on Wednesday 3rd July.

Pos. Name Time Cat. Cat. Pos
14th Naeem Stevens 16:59 MSEN 11th
15th Steven Cahill 17:03 M35 3rd
28th Chris Wade 17:45 M45 1st
29th Michael Cockings 17:48 M40 3rd
33rd Adrian Fisher 17:52 M50 1st
36th Richard Millier 17:59 M40 5th
46th Joel Kesterton 18:33 M40 9th
52nd Sarah Thorne 19:18 FSEN 4th
57th Al Cook 19:34 M50 4th
58th Chris Boland 19:38 M40 12th
59th Jonathan Smith 19:46 M40 13th
65th Lucy Broom 20:17 F50 1st
66th Sam Ainscough 20:22 M35 11th
68th Ian Hunter 20:27 M40 15th
72nd Mark Baines 20:41 M60 2nd
89th Samya Armoush 23:17 F35 3rd
93rd Karen Clark 23:52 F60 2nd
96th Jo Gleig 25:23 F60 3rd
97th Colin Hardy (on pacing duty for Jo) 25:23 M45 8th
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