OMM Lite result

Race Date: Saturday 1st June/Sunday 2nd June 2024

OMM Lite competitors are given a map at the start line, on it are all the checkpoint locations available for that day and how many points they are worth.   The aim is to collect as many points as you can in the time allowed.   New map each day.

Long Course – Saturday 7 hours, Sunday 5 hours

Short Course – Saturday 5 hours, Sunday 4 hours

Competitors do not have to stay out on the course for the whole time – you choose when you finish.   But if you go over the time allowed penalty points will be accrued as follows:

1 to 5 minutes late – lose 1 point per minute
5 to 10 minutes late – lose 2 points per minute
10 to 15 minutes late – lose 5 points per minute
15 to 30 minutes late – lose 10 points per minute
Over 30 minutes late – lose all points

If you manage to clear the course (i.e. visit every checkpoint) you will be awarded 2 bonus points per minute remaining of your time allowed.

Hamish Waring won the event, getting back with 12 seconds to spare and scoring 867 points on Saturday and 600 points on Sunday. Catherine Brien and Justine Lynch were the first females back scoring 570 and 480 points each day in 11.31.32.

Well done to Strider, Martin Evans for his sterling effort

Striders Results:

Pos Name Cat Time Points
64 Martin Evans Mix 11.18.42 750

Full results: here

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